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Whether it’s marked by a treasured heritage or modern in every sense of the word, the worship DNA of your church spaces are completely unique to you. Our holistic, turnkey approach to projects allows us to create spaces that are true to you, maximizes the impact of your spoken word, and increases connection through excellent, powerful, engaging worship. Our signature design-build approach saves our clients significant money with expedited project delivery and higher coordination bringing your congregants the confidence they need.

Paragon 360® is a leader in the new construction and renovation of church spaces from the most contemporary to the most traditional. We work with small churches and the largest of mega-churches. We create engaging environments from sanctuaries to children’s spaces, youth centers, lobbies, and multi-campus projects. In any case, Paragon brings the absolute most cost-effective, turnkey solution custom designed for churches, available in the marketplace today with an unmatched service offering.

"The end product was super and our people loved it. It turned out just like the rendering. Our people just fell in love with it."

Our prefabrication of modular scenic, staging and architectural elements are dramatically changing the way construction projects come together. This is at the heart of our value proposition. As we move from jobsite field construction to offsite manufacturing and field assembly, we’re creating more effective and efficient solutions that reduce costs, maximizes material and labor resources, and greatly expedites project delivery. The process where architectural infill treatments are manufactured in a controlled environment and then transported to the jobsite as a modular component saves our client significant time and money. We have perfected this process on hundreds of projects over the last 24 years. It has become an absolute game changer for the church industry.
Due to the many large, multi-million dollar projects Paragon has completed, many assume that we must be expensive. Ironically, when you look at a full scope sanctuary renovation or new construction project, Paragon has actually developed the most cost-effective model available in the marketplace. Our turnkey model is not only the most cost-effective model for churches, it also expedites project timelines significantly, which also saves money. Regarding equipment pricing, all major integrators are purchasing the equipment at very similar pricing structures. Paragon does get the very best pricing with most all manufacturers just due to our volume in the church market and our corporate/entertainment business. This makes us as competitive as anyone on a national scale. Some competitors may confuse you with talk of lower design fees or no design fee at all - however this is something that we would love to discuss with you one on one.
There are rumors that Paragon does not work with small churches due once again to the notoriety of the larger, high-profile projects that Paragon has completed. In reality, Paragon does between 30-50 projects a year that are less than $200,000 not including one off equipment sales. Our unique model offers as much or more value to the smaller church as it does the larger church's. The larger institutions typically have the funding and resources to accomplish their needs, but many smaller churches risk fading away if they don't take action. Many of the smaller churches cannot afford an expensive renovation of their space using typical construction methods involving multiple contractors, architects, designers and the downtime associated with a 6-8 month project. In many cases we have renovated small churches in the 150 - 500 seat range for anywhere from $200,000 - $800,000 with anywhere from a 7 - 30 day turnaround when their next best option was well over $1M for a 7 month renovation. In many cases, we have been the only option for a renovation of a small church. So...YES. We work with smaller churches and offer the same value proposition.
If you are just looking to buy a new audio console for instance, yes we can participate in that as competitively as anyone. If you are looking however for Paragon to just throw in a bid for a renovation project we are probably not the right choice. First of all, in order to solicitate apples to apples bidding we would have to have a bid package that includes fully designed systems so that everyone is bidding off an exact gear list and very specific parameters, drawings and specifications. Otherwise, you are not comparing apples to apples. We are also going to want to meet with you and have extensive conversations about goals, desires and objectives or we will miss critical information in that bidding that would later result in change orders. However, we would caution you against making selections based off of price. At least 4-6 times a year, we meet with churches where we are discussing replacing AVL systems that are not even 5 years old because they did not get it right the first time. If you have to buy these systems twice in five years, it's not going to matter what you saved the first time by going with the lessor number. Take the time and do it right and do it once.
We have done extensive renovations in 7,000 seat worship spaces over 6-10 weeks without missing or having to relocate a single Sunday service. We have also done many renovations where it did make more sense to relocate for either portions of the renovation timeframe or all of it. It really depends on the scope of the renovation work itself and some answers to questions we would ask in a needs assessment visit. Many times it can be done either way. As a general rule of thumb, it will take longer and cost more to stay in the room during a renovation than it does if you were to relocate. Again, this is a conversation we can have during a needs assessment interview, but we have done it both ways, successfully, many times. If you do have to relocate however, Paragon's turnkey, design-build model typically expedites the timelines and reduces the amount of down time.
Yes, it is our desire to do projects in a design-build fashion for the benefit of our clients. The only way we (or anyone for that matter) can truly guarantee their work is to be responsible for the design and implementation of that work. If it is easy for any party to push the blame off to other contractors, designers, installers and so on...they will. Our desire is to transfer the burdens of the project from you to us, limit the excuses and take full responsibility ensuring your success. We do this by working in a design-build fashion. We have found that not only does it save our clients (and us) money but it also expedites the process, improves the coordination and results in less change orders. If you are looking for On-time and On-budget and your looking for true accountability - It's going to be a design build project.

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