Castle Rock, CO

Plum Creek Church

Paragon 360 Enhances a Contemporary Colorado Church with ReveLux StoryGlass LED Panels.

Project Type

  • Houses of Worship


  • Video
  • Assembly


  • Castle Rock, CO

Enhanced Experience with LEDs

Plum Creek Church is a large non-denominational church that was founded in 2005 in Castle Rock, CO. In 2013, Plum Creek acquired its first permanent facility, a 26,000-SF abandoned bowling alley, and transformed it into a contemporary worship space. The original installation included a large center projection screen, but due to its limited lighting flexibility, was later replaced by a small LED lyric screen and a lighted backdrop. For many years, the church's creative team desired to install an expanded LED display backdrop. After extensively researching all their options, they chose Paragon 360 to install ReveLux’s StoryGlass LED display panels.

StoryGlass LED Panels

Plum Creek Church was looking for a unique LED panel design that varied from the traditional single projection screen. Paragon 360 and ReveLux created a design that included a large center lyric screen, complimented by 5 columns of various sizes. Content for the panels is fed from a single Mac running Pro Presenter 7 to create a user-friendly experience for volunteers and content creators. Paragon 360 used ReveLux’s modular StoryGlass panels with a 2.6-pixel pitch to provide a camera-friendly backdrop for the church's Blackmagic Ursa Broadcast cameras. The result enhances the worship experience for both online and in-person attendees.

Camera-Ready Visuals

One of the most significant challenges LED display owners face is the integration of their displays with their camera systems. While the creative opportunities of using an LED display as a stage backdrop are endless, these backdrops often create distracting artifacts on camera. While some of these artifacts are unavoidable, many can be reduced or eliminated with the latest processing technology.

State-of-the-art advanced processing is included in all StoryGlass panels and uses the latest technology to display video and image content exactly how intended. StoryGlass processing offers 22 bit+ contrast, precise 65,536 grayscale, and color accuracy that rivals high-end broadcast monitors and combats the issues of older LED solutions. All the panels are precisely calibrated to the highest industry standards to ensure the perfect brightness and color calibration for each lamp.

"The Paragon 360 crew was fantastic to work with from start to finish! Great company and great people! We are so excited about how this project came out. Completely changed the look and feel of our auditorium in the best way possible."