Plant City, FL

First Baptist Church Plant City

This new construction project included Paragon 360’s custom signature scenic, staging, and architectural elements & AVL systems in the Worship Center, Youth spaces and lobbies.

Project Type

  • Houses of Worship


  • Audio
  • Scenic Elements
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Rigging
  • Staging


  • Plant City, FL

New Construction Church Relocation

Paragon 360 was first contacted in 2015 by First Baptist Church Plant City in Plant City, Florida, for a new construction project of a 2,000-seat Worship Center that was part of a church relocation project. This large-scale project included Paragon 360’s custom signature scenic, staging, and architectural elements, new AVL systems in the Worship Center. In addition, AVL systems were designed and installed for a multi-purpose worship space, lobby spaces, youth rooms and children’s area. The project also included distributed audio systems throughout the facility. Design work began in the Fall of 2015, and the entire project was completed and unveiled in February of 2018.

"Paragon 360 gets today's church. They really do."


One of the primary challenges facing First Baptist Church Plant City was utilizing one space for multiple styles of worship, with little time between services to change the platform as needed. Pastor Brian Stowe stated “With our commitment to having blended worship and modern worship, we don’t have hours between services – we have minutes. And to try to communicate a different atmosphere but worshiping the same God, they (Paragon 360) helped us do that quickly. Which has really helped us reach a demographic that we were having a hard time reaching.”

From the initial meetings with Paragon 360, Stowe knew that First Baptist Church Plant City had found the partner that they needed to turn their dream into a reality. “It just became really clear that this (Paragon 360) was who we needed to use. In fact, it was not so much them amongst others once I had experienced what they had shared with us, and just heard their heart and their vision. I was sold.”

"It just became really clear that [Paragon 360] was who we needed to use. In fact, it was not so much them amongst others once I had experienced what they had shared with us, and just heard their heart and their vision. I was sold."

Excellent Audio at Every Seat

Paragon 360’s Audio Team designed and installed a system for the new Worship Center consisting of a Yamaha CL5 Front of House console with multiple Rio stage racks located on-stage and a QL5 console at the broadcast mix position, all tied together with Dante networking. Sennheiser wireless microphones, in combination with Shure In-Ear Monitoring systems, were utilized for members of the Worship Team and Band. The new JBL VerTec loudspeaker system in the worship center is processed by BSS and powered by Crown. The new ASB7128 subwoofers are deployed in an end-fire configuration to control the directivity of the sub-bass, allowing even coverage throughout the worship center. JBL AC28’s round out the system as delays for the upper sanctuary seating areas. The Commons Area audio system is integrated with distributed audio support for the worship center, and is also a stand-alone system to support baptisms and other special events happening in the commons area. This system is comprised of large format JBL ceiling speakers processed and controlled by BSS, and powered by Crown. A second smaller worship center on campus consists of a Yamaha TF1 audio console with a remote stage rack and JBL SRX series main speaker systems.

Lighting & Video Systems

The Lighting Team from Paragon 360 designed and installed a system in the new Worship Center that is controlled with an ETC GIO 4K Console, which features an easy to navigate back-lit keypad, motorized faders, and two integrated multi-touch displays. Dimming is powered by ETC’s Sensor3 Power Control racks, a 48-module rack, and an additional 12-module rack. DMX is distributed through a network of DMX opto-splitters and 12 Network Gateways, offering flexibility when assigning or reassigning DMX universes to outputs conveniently placed around the facility. Source Four PARNel fixtures were used for back lighting, and added to FBC Plant City’s inventory of both conventional and LED lighting fixtures. Set pieces (designed & built by Paragon 360) were illuminated from within using Iluminarc’s Colorist line of products.

Paragon 360’s Video Team designed and installed a video production system at FBC Plant City that is built around an HD-SDI infrastructure with Ross Video components at its core. An NK-3G34 router provides flexible signal routing with a Carbonite Plus handling production switching for broadcast and IMAG in the worship center. Three Panasonic AJ-PX380 manned camera systems and two Vaddio RoboShot PTZ cameras bring video from the Worship Center into the signal flow. The video presentation system is a combined effort using a Mac Pro with Renewed Vision’s ProVideoPlayer and a tvOne CORIOMicro. Together they manage video content for a scenic video wall and 34’x11’ wide-aspect main screen. Two 16’x9’ side screens provide a canvas for in-house IMAG in the Worship Center. The wide-aspect and IMAG screens are paired with Panasonic RW930 laser projectors, producing 10,000 lumens. A Panasonic RZ-570 laser handles the confidence screen, and two Panasonic EW-730 projectors provide environmental projection, extending the scenic elements out into the house. The scenic video wall consists of six 80” displays, providing a three-screen wide modestly wall for the choir and blended services. Three displays on elevators extend to make a 3×2 video wall, providing a large backdrop for the pastor’s message and modern services. The combined power of the CORIOMicro and ProVideoPlayer allow the same scenic background imagery to be displayed on the main screen, scenic video wall, and environmental projection.

Cohesive avl Design

Backgrounds, Lighting & Imagery creating dynamic environments

More than AVL

Paragon 360 uses more than audio, video and lighting to create dynamic, engaging environments. Included in the Plant City project were custom, illuminated scenic and architectural elements throughout the stage along with extensive acoustical elements. Paragon also provided a custom modular stage with a completely modular floor pocket system. All scenic and staging elements were designed, built and installed by Paragon 360.

"I really appreciate a company like Paragon 360 that takes it from beginning to end. Really, they are able to own it. They know what we want to try to experience or get at the beginning, and then they’re able to communicate that, and then even at the very end, they’re able still to bring that together to help us have that experience – that environment – that we were looking for.”