Winston-Salem North Carolina

Pinedale Christian Church

Paragon 360's renovation of Pinedale Christian Church completely transformed the sanctuary.

Project Type

  • Houses of Worship


  • Audio
  • Scenic Elements
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Rigging
  • Staging


  • Winston-Salem, NC

Versatile and Modern

Church Interiors, LLC and Pinedale Christian Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina called on Paragon 360 for a contemporary sanctuary renovation. Paragon teamed up with Church Interiors on the project in June of 2018. The church expressed a desire to transform their 1,400 seat sanctuary into a modern, welcoming, versatile space. The stage area was re-designed for functionality and aesthetics that could easily transition between two different style services using Paragon's custom staging, scenic and architectural elements. The project also included all new audio, video, and lighting systems, and extensive acoustical work. Church Interiors provided new auditorium seating and general contractor services including new flooring.

In the client's words

"I really can’t say enough about where Paragon 360 led us on this project"

Superior Audio Throughout

The existing audio system at Pinedale Christian Church was completely replaced during the renovation. The new loudspeaker system consisted of Nexo M10 line arrays deployed in stereo with Fulcrum SUB218’s for subwoofer support. Nexo ID24 loudspeakers were used for front fill, under-balcony and over-balcony coverage. The sound system is controlled with BSS processing along with Nexo and Powersoft amplifiers.

Front of house mixing duties were handled by an Allen & Heath D-Live S7000 console using DM64 and DX168 stage racks. (8) ME-1 and (4) IP-6 personal monitor mixers were deployed using Shure wireless IEM systems along with RF Venue antenna hardware. Broadcast audio received an Allen & Heath SQ-7 console along with new Presonus studio monitors and Middle Atlantic studio furniture. All new Shure ULXD systems with RF Venue antenna hardware were installed, providing (6) new handheld and (8) new bodypack transmitters including a DPA head-worn microphone for the pastor.

A new floor pocket system was installed in the stage floor, offering maximum flexibility for cable management and stage cable distribution. Middle Atlantic equipment racks were used to house all equipment along with full power sequencing systems and battery backup systems for critical components.

Versatile LED Lighting

The stage was lit by Chauvet and ETC products, including ETC Colorsource RGBL Ellipsoidals, Rogue R3 and R1 Washes, and Maverick MK1 Spot fixtures. Additional Chauvet Batten Quad 12s and Chauvet Core 3x3s were installed for extra versatility. The hazer chosen for this project was the Martin Jem Hazer Pro. The warm white LED house lights used were the Lumastream HLC pendant lights, as well as 691 recessed down lights. Additionally, LED products from Environmental Lights were used to illuminate the custom scenic pieces built by Paragon 360. In addition, motorized rigging included the installation of 4 ETC Prodigy hoists. A power infrastructure using ETC Echo Relay Panels was also included. The entire system was controlled by a Hog 4 Hoglet and Hog 4 PC setup, as well as Doug Fleenor Design 2 and 10 button wall stations for easy lighting control when the console is not in use.

"When I walked into the room for the first time and looked at all the things that were happening, I was really overwhelmed"

Customized Video

Paragon 360 installed an all new video presentation system at Pinedale that was based around a Primeview Epic 3.9mm LED wall which spanned 26' of the upstage wall and was 8' tall. Content for the LED wall was processed using Renewed Vision’s ProVideo Player software, allowing background images to be combined with lyrics fed from ProPresenter, as well as live and pre-recorded video playback. The software allowed the church to split the wide screen into separate screen regions, offering them the visual backdrop of the wide screen and the content flexibility of two separate screens.

The system brought together Panasonic cameras and Ross Video routing and switching. The worship center was fitted with two Panasonic AG-PX380 three-chip cameras, supported by Panasonic AW-HE130 PTZ cameras operated with Panasonic’s new AW-RP150 remote camera controller. Remote shading controls in the video control room allowed all four cameras to be color matched throughout the service. The four Panasonic cameras were augmented with two Marshall POV cameras that could be relocated on stage to offer unique perspectives without becoming a distraction during the worship service. A Ross Video NK router supported the core of the system’s signal flow, while a Ross Carbonite Solo provided live video switching for streaming broadcast.

"Paragon’s reputation in the church world is the reason that we chose to go with Paragon."

Matthew Sink, Pastor, Pinedale Christian Church

More than Audio, Video & Lighting

Paragon also designed, fabricated, and installed custom, scenic and staging elements for the new space that included extensive wall treatments consisting of faux rock and dark woods with embedded LED lighting on the rear wall of the platform. In addition, two custom illuminated crosses were constructed along with a small modular choir riser system, illuminated, matching front of stage facades, halo-lit banding throughout the side walls and a Paragon 360 signature drum enclosure. The scenic elements designed and built by Paragon 360 combined with the new paint schemes, flooring and seating combined to completely transform the space, while creating an environment conducive to contemporary worship.

The project also included acoustical work. One-inch FabriTRAK was installed on either side of the sanctuary along the walls that previously had no acoustic treatment. This allowed for better sound quality throughout the sanctuary, as well as increased speech ineligibility, while also creating a reverberation time more conducive to a modern worship style.