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Design to Delivery - We Bring Value to Vision

Paragon 360® is a leader in the new construction and renovation of church spaces from the most contemporary to the most traditional. We work with small churches, the largest of mega-churches and anything in between. We create transformative, engaging environments from worship rooms to children’s spaces, youth centers, gathering and common spaces, and multi-campus projects. Backed by a legacy of excellence, we have completed over 1,000 projects in 27 states across two decades.

Whether it’s marked by a treasured heritage or modern in every sense of the word, the worship DNA of your church is completely unique to you. Our holistic, turnkey approach to projects allows us to create experiences that are true to you, maximizes the impact of your spoken word, and increases connection through excellent, powerful, engaging worship. Paragon 360® The Name Trusted More!

"For its size and complexity, I was absolutely blown away by how smooth this project went."

Featured Project

Prestonwood Plano

Featured Project

High Street Baptist Church

Featured Project

Prestonwood North Sanctuary

Featured Project

Plum Creek Church

Featured Project

Prestonwood North Gym

Featured Project

First Baptist Dallas

The church lighting system and church speakers seen here lend to a powerful message.

Featured Project

Prestonwood Baptist Youth Facility

Featured Project

Bellevue Baptist Audio

Featured Project

Pinedale Christian Church

Featured Project

Prestonwood Multi-Campus Audio

Featured Project

First Baptist Branson

Frequently Asked Questions

We do our own design work, in-house, increasing accountability.  We don't not relying on manufacturers to do it for us.

We are gear agnostic.  With almost 400 manufacturers represented we find the “right” solution at the right price point. We’re not selling gear we’re selling solutions.

Our focus is not gear – it’s on creating memorable, transformative, engaging, experiences that enable connection, fellowship, and worship.

We use ETCP certified riggers.  If you are not sure what that means, you probably need to consider hiring Paragon 360. There is a tremendous risk and liability associated with proper rigging of AVL technology in the church space. Our team literally helped write the ETCP standard testing in 2004.

First-In-Class team.  Simply put, there is not another AVL integration firm that has the wide breath of design expertise on hand that Paragon 360 carries specifically for the church market.

Paragon 360 offers an unmatched service offering that includes not only audio, video, lighting, and certified rigging systems but also creative acoustical design solutions, interior design, in-house custom fabrication, theming and seating.  

We do our own GC & electrical work.  That’s right – we do the General Construction work ourselves with our very own Xperience Construction. Less change orders and easier projects. This redefines turn-key and allows us to provide the level of accountability your congregation deserves.

Due to the many large, multi-million-dollar projects Paragon has completed, many assume that we must be expensive.  Those large-scale projects are expensive because of their size and scale.  In addition, many of those clients often desire higher-end equipment.

Ironically, when it comes to full scope sanctuary renovation or new construction projects, Paragon has developed the most cost-effective, design-build model available in the marketplace.  For Anthony Kansas Christian Church, we flipped a 250-seat sanctuary in seven days for less than $200,000 that was priced at over $300,000 with local architect, general contractor, and AV support.  That’s the opposite of expensive.  With Paragon’s model, our clients save significant time and money with increased accountability.  Its not for everyone - just those who want to save time and money. 

YES - Paragon does between 25-40 projects a year that are less than $200,000 not including individual equipment sales.  Our unique model offers as much or more value to the small church as it does the larger church.  The large institutions typically have the funding and resources to accomplish their needs, but many smaller churches risk fading away if they don't take action.  Many of the smaller churches cannot afford an expensive renovation of their space using typical construction methods involving multiple contractors, architects, designers, integration companies and the downtime associated with a 6–8-month project.  Paragon’s design-build, turnkey model saves significant time and money making renovation possible - even for the small church.

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Our Family

Over the decades, we've assembled an award-winning group of specialists who have worked in all facets of our industry from concert and touring to recording, broadcast, theatrical and television. People who are not only recognized experts in their field but who understand the value of doing things right the first time. Best of all, we have a real heart for quality, attention to detail, efficiency, and exceptional customer service. We are a group of highly experienced artisans that include designers, consultants, technicians, fabricators, acousticians, riggers, and engineers. Together, we are Paragon.

"I don’t know of any other group out there that has the capacity, the skill set, the experience, and the pedigree that Paragon 360 does."