Anthony, KS

Anthony Christian Church

Paragon 360 delivers a cost-effective renovation at Anthony Christian Church. Starting with small church sanctuary design ideas, Paragon completed the fabrication of scenic and then installed the sanctuary renovation in one week from arrival on site.

Project Type

  • Houses of Worship


  • Scenic Elements
  • Video
  • Interior Design
  • Acoustics
  • Staging


  • Anthony, KS

Small Church Stage Design & Renovation

Anthony Christian Church was in need of a sanctuary renovation for their small church in Anthony, Kansas. Anthony Christian is a cornerstone for community events in their town of 2,500. While they wanted to complete a full sanctuary renovation, they recognized the need to start with a stage and scenic remodel. As they were considering partners, they contacted Paragon 360 to understand their capabilities in small church stage design and renovation.

Paragon 360 worked with Anthony Christian Church to understand their needs and goals for the church. They considered the church's budget and delivered small church sanctuary design ideas that were financially attainable but also delivered a stage and scenic design that would help the church achieve its goals.

In the Client's Words

"There's no way we'd use anyone but Paragon 360; there's not a chance."

Custom Designed & Fabricated Scenic

To demonstrate how the church would be transformed, Paragon 360 delivered renderings of the stage, showcasing each element of the remodel. Once the rendering and specifications were approved, Paragon Fabrication, a partner to Paragon 360, custom fabricated each element of the project including Paragon's proprietary modular staging, custom wall coverings with integrated lighting, custom fabricated cross wall feature, video screen integrated into the scenic and custom modesty walls.

One Week Church Remodel

The Anthony Christian Church sanctuary was transformed in one week. Paragon's process includes building all of the remodel elements offsite at Paragon Fabrication's shop versus on-location. This approach resulted in limited disruptions to the church's schedule and space. The Paragon team was able to transform the space in one week, enabling Anthony Christian to be ready for Sunday service with a transformed sanctuary. The senior pastor and the congregation were thrilled with the beautiful, efficient transformation. This is all part of Paragon's design-build process which delivers single-source accountability from conception to completion with one point of contact.

"From beginning to end, I'm telling you, from a small church perspective, you want to use Paragon 360."

Ron Eden, Senior Pastor, Anthony Christian Church