Carrollton, GA

Tabernacle Baptist Church

Paragon 360 helped improve congregation engagement and connection by remodeling community spaces first.

Project Type

  • Houses of Worship


  • Scenic Elements
  • Lighting
  • Interior Design
  • Acoustics


  • Carrollton, GA

Strategic Investment in a Space Designed for Community

Tabernacle Baptist Church approached Paragon 360 with a clear vision for their church. They knew where they wanted to go but were less certain of how to get there. Tabernacle Baptist is trying to reach a new generation, new people. Their facility was becoming a barrier to their mission. The Paragon team discussed the challenges of their current space and quickly realized that they needed a complete campus renovation. Not because they wanted state-of-the-art interior treatments, but because their aging space was no longer conducive to their efforts.

With the focus set on outreach and making first-time guests feel welcomed, Paragon was able to determine, with input from the team at Tabernacle, that renovating their lobby and hallway spaces would provide an immediate improvement in guest experiences. Their old lobby lacked the space required to mingle. It felt as if the lobby was immediately ushering guests from the worship center to the parking lot.

With help from Torgerson Design Partners, the Paragon team was able to correct the proportions of the space and make it conducive to fellowship. Utilizing an unused library space, the lobby was expanded and created an open area for fellowship. Paragon also provided interior design services to ensure that every aspect of the space was working towards the goal of making the congregation feel at home in the space. The paint color, carpet, fabricated finishes, lighting, acoustics, and signage were all taken into consideration. Every exterior touchpoint needed to communicate the internal values of the church.

Project Overview

"I can safely say on behalf of the congregation, the ministry team and the project team, thank you for a job well done."

From Rendering to Reality

Churches often rely on Paragon's true-to-life renderings to cast the vision for their new space. Tabernacle Baptist was no exception. Paragon's unparalleled renderings made the plan for the new space easy to communicate and something exciting to work towards. The congregation is already asking when the next project will begin! Use the slider below to see the vision fulfilled.

Signage That Communicates Values

Signage can be more than just a way-finding system, it has the potential to express the values and personality of a church. The Paragon design team took the opportunity to consider every detail of Tabernacle's interior and exterior signage, ensuring it not only helps guests find their way but also communicates clearly what the church stands for and that every person who walks through the doors of the church is welcome there.

Acoustical Solutions for an Uninterrupted Experience

A particularly unique problem was the extreme level of reverberation that occurred from the sweeping entryway's vertical space. A casual conversation would come to an abrupt ending as one passed under the 30-foot area, as one's voice would be returned to them. Utilizing FabriTRAK the Paragon team was able to apply acoustical materials in this area to control the acoustics of the space, without sacrificing any aesthetic appeal. Utilizing fully customizable fabric coverings, the team created signage that doubled for acoustic control. The best of both worlds!

"[Paragon 360] led us through a process that has resulted in a facility enhancement that will be instrumental in the ministry efforts of Tabernacle for years to come."

Eddie Adams, Project Manager