Audio Systems for Theater, Worship Spaces, Amusement Parks & More

Paragon 360® designs & installs professional audio systems for theaters, worship spaces, arenas, amusement parks, sports stadiums and amphitheaters nationwide. Our systems are designed in unison with the acoustics of the performance space utilizing the latest acoustical modeling software. This process allows us to ensure the system performance before it’s purchased or installed. Our audio design team has years of experience as designers and also continue to work extensively in the live sound industry as engineers for theaters, corporate production, touring, television production and houses of worship.


“The Spoken Word” is the key to worship space audio which often times requires a great deal of attention to acoustics. The connection from the pulpit to the congregation involves a well-designed audio system along with proper acoustic treatment to maximize speech intelligibility. The challenge is to make the room sound “live” enough to encourage the congregation to participate in praise and worship while treated enough to allow perfect intelligibility. There are many factors including worship styles, stage surfaces, seating layouts, rigging capabilities and budget that will get factored into the design of a new space or a renovation.  Paragon 360® truly understands the importance of room acoustics and the impact it will have with the installed loudspeaker system and ultimately, the congregation’s experience.


Theater sound focuses on high quality live performance, special effects and versatility. From production shows to national touring act requirements, we design systems to meet the needs of performance venues, now and for the future.  The audio is called upon to become part of the over-all experience just as lighting, video and the performance itself. Acoustics are critical and so is the “look”.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks use distributed audio systems to help create a customized atmosphere for rides, attractions and queue areas. These systems may not even be noticed at the park, but it’s the attention to detail and innovative design that makes it so. These very intricate, technical systems are designed to enhance the attraction experience.  Paragon 360® also specializes in life safety audio systems for rides and attractions, insuring critical announcements are heard loud and clear.  Our team has designed specialty attraction audio work for Silver Dollar City theme parks for over 25 years.

Paragon 360®: Excellence in Audio

From digital audio consoles and custom designed loudspeaker systems and interface panels, all the way to input distribution, audio networking, microphones, playback equipment, broadcast audio and distributed systems, our clients will have everything they need for state-of-the-art communication with their audience.

Our team also commissions the installed system for its proper and maximum operation. Upon final installation, our engineers will complete the job by using state-of-the-art computer software and measuring equipment to calibrate the system with the acoustical environment of the venue.  With our extensive “live event” experience, we offer very comprehensive training programs to our clients. Paragon 360® is dedicated to owner education, insuring all installed equipment can be used to its fullest potential.