Auditorium Lighting Systems • Professional Stage Lighting

Stage lighting design for brilliant performances.

Our team of professional stage lighting experts study the latest in theater, broadcast, and auditorium lighting systems and design, so you can promise illuminating performances.

LED stage lighting systems allow engaging, transformative experiences.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, our professional stage lighting experts create world-class LED stage lighting for churches, auditoriums, theaters, retail spaces, and event venues for performances ranging from traditional and contemporary church services to theatrical productions to concerts and televised broadcasts.

So much experience producing innovative LED stage lighting designs leaves Paragon 360 poised to find unique solutions for each project that comes our way. Whether a project requires professional stage lighting for broadcast, IMAG and HD systems, cost-effective, high-energy special effects lighting, or detailed control systems, we can see the transformation awaiting any space.

The relationships we've built over the decades also help us easily obtain any professional stage lighting equipment a project calls for—from every major theatrical lighting manufacturer on the market, we can make it happen in an affordable, dependable way.

From before the days of Source-Four Ellipsoidal, throughout the years of Intellabeams, and now to the latest in moving light technology, LED stage lighting, and networked control systems, we've done it all and done it well:

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  • Auditorium Lighting Systems
  • LED Stage Lighting for Churches
  • LED House Lighting
  • Lighting Control Consoles
  • Networked Data Distribution
  • Motorized Rigging
  • Architectural Lighting
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"The design of the lighting system is so flexible which makes us very effective in what we do here week in and week out."

Our clients love our attention to detail and commitment to integrity.

Our experience designing and implementing full-scale church and auditorium stage lighting systems is marked by our devotion to truly understanding the client's vision and goals, and then tailor-designing a system that meets expectations and maximizes the investment. That consideration includes position placement, access to those positions, angles, fixtures, rigging specs, power/data distribution, photo-metrics and control systems—to name a few.

So, why does that devotion matter? By listening to you and understanding what your ideal outcome is, we have the power, resources, and unmatched attention to detail it takes to make it happen.

Auditorium lighting systems with LED stage lighting truly shines.
We provide LED stage lighting for churches like this.
We train clients on our auditorium lighting systems controls like these.
We specialize in LED stage lighting for churches, as seen here.
Our professional stage lighting systems control panels are easy to manage with proper training.
Auditorium lighting systems like these by the professional stage lighting experts at Paragon 360 are next level.
LED stage lighting like this has unleashed the power of auditorium lighting systems today.
This shows the auditorium lighting systems we designed for First Baptist Church Naples.
Professional LED stage lighting equipment like this VL 2600 Spot change the experience.

"I don’t know anyone who has had a negative experience with Paragon. Everyone gets treated well with Paragon 360. I know that if I have them involved, it’s going to be done right and they are going to take care of it. "