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Acoustic Panels that stand out by blending in.

As a trusted acoustic company, Paragon 360 relies on expert engineers who combine their 30+ years’ experience with the latest 3D modeling software to create perfect acoustical experiences and stunning room aesthetics.

Acoustic panels and other innovative acoustic solutions let your audience experience the sensation of crystal-clear speech, vocals, and instruments.

Why invest in innovative acoustic solutions for your church or other venue? Acoustic panels and other breakthroughs deliver your message, clearly.

As a leading acoustic company, Paragon 360 recognizes that perfecting the acoustics, particularly in uniquely built spaces, is a complex challenge. The right audio experience takes a very meticulous study of audio and acoustics for each specific room and requires taking everything into account—from seating to flooring to ceilings and wall treatments. At Paragon 360, we understand the frustration shared by those who suffer from intelligibility issues throughout their space regardless of their audio system performance. We know how to make those frustrations a thing of the past.

Thanks to decades of experience, virtual CAD modeling design technology, and the use of the most advanced acoustic panels and acoustical products in our industry, our acoustical engineers offer the right solutions.

Our acoustic solutions include numerous acoustic panels and custom acoustical island ceiling panels that absorb or deflect sound while blending seamlessly with the aesthetics of your space. There’s no guesswork about it; our experts take a holistic approach to both audio and acoustical design.

Introducing FabriTRAK®

FabriTRAK® acoustic panels: When acoustics are as important as aesthetics, we choose FabriTRAK®.

To optimize the acoustics in spaces of all sizes, our expert designers and engineers trust one acoustic panel product above all others: FabriTRAK. Featuring stretched fabric design, FabriTRAK acoustic panels are engineered to enhance the aesthetics of a room while achieving proper acoustical balance. This product line's diversity, combined with our design and acoustics expertise, allows for an innovative and cost-effective solution that delivers dramatic acoustical results.

Experts in Audio and Acoustics

"The sound in our space is outstanding. Between the audio system and carefully designed acoustical treatment, Paragon 360 got it right."

Acoustic panels company Paragon 360 installed these accoustic solutions for this church.
These acoustic solutions for churches were built by acoustic company Paragon 360.
Acoustic company Paragon 360 created the acoustic panels seen here.
Paragon specializes in acoustic solutions for churches, like these acoustic panels installed for Cross Church.
Acoustic company Paragon 360 built these acoustic panels for Double Tree Hotel and Convention Center.
These acoustic solutions for churches included acoustic panels on the ceiling.
These acoustic panels for churches are done by Paragon 360.
These acoustic panels are perfect for church ceilings.
Acoustic company technician installs acoustic panels at a Joplin job site.
Acoustic company Paragon 360 installed these acoustic solutions for churches in Pinedale Christian Church.
Acoustic panels by acoustic company Paragon 360, shown closeup.
Acoustic panels that Paragon 360 installed in a theater.
Acoustic company Paragon 360 installed these acoustic panels seen in an auditorium.
Paragon 360's acoustic solutions for churches include these acoustic panels seen behind the church band.
A technician from acoustic company Paragon 360 puts the finishing touches on acoustic panels at a Joplin job site.



Our EASE 3D modeling lets us study realistic simulations of your acoustics to provide the best, most cost-effective design and gear.


Our acoustic panels and audio systems are designed in conjunction with room acoustics and scenery so your space's form and function are seamlessly joined together.


We use FabriTRAK acoustic panels because their industry-leading stretched fabric design is visually seamless and helps your space achieve proper acoustical balance.

"One of the strengths Paragon 360 has is their ability to check, adjust, and perfect the levels of sound throughout a building. It doesn’t matter whether you sit under our balcony, in it, or on either side of our worship center—you have excellent audio."