Auditorium Design • Church Sanctuary Design

Architectural Design for Worship Spaces & Theaters

What makes Paragon 360 a leader among auditorium design-build firms and church building contractors? We have decades of experience crafting breathtaking auditorium spaces that maximize efficiency and traffic flow, reflect the quality of your performances, and "WOW" your audience.

A Partnership That Delivers Real Value.

Paragon 360® brings first-in-class, high-quality architectural and master planning design services to our clients nationwide via our preferred partner, Torgerson Design Partners (TDP) based in Springfield, MO. For over ten years, Paragon 360® has brought architectural design to its clients in partnership with the Torgerson group where sophisticated architectural and master planning services are required.

When Paragon 360®, TDP and Xperience Construction come together, our all-encompassing approach gives you the benefit of having one source of support and accountability. Not only is it more cost-effective for you and your stakeholders, but it allows us to be the strongest, most supportive partners we can possibly be. It also lets us design, build, and execute world-class solutions that you won't find elsewhere. No other company delivers more accountability and effective coordination for your auditorium design needs while saving you time and money. It's what you deserve—and it's our honor to make it happen.


"It's not just important to tell Paragon 360 what you're looking for - it's also important to listen to them. What they shared with us was very valuable."

You benefit from our design collective.

    We have proven that a true team approach throughout the design process delivers a much better project in the end. Our clients benefit from our ten years of projects we have completed together. We share a common passion for excellence and design philosophy.


    Our design collective saves our clients’ money on design fees by elimination of overlapping design costs. Our close working relationship and history allows for savings in project execution through better coordination. Couple that with Paragon's very own Xperience Construction and we offer the most cost-effective model on the market today that reduces change orders.

    Our collective team that includes Paragon 360®, TDP and Xperience Construction provide a level of accountability not found on most construction and renovation projects. Our model is unique and completely redefines turnkey.

    Paragon 360® & TDP share the knowledge base of working across many diverse market segments. We leverage the years of collective experience our firms have in working together to build strong organization and coordination into the projects.

    The Torgerson group is licensed to work in over 30 states from coast to coast, which makes them a valuable asset to support Paragon 360® nationwide projects. It also gives them invaluable experience in successfully working with various jurisdictions all over the country.

Our turn-key approach to auditorium and church sanctuary design projects delivers tremendous value to our clients and their spaces.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Architectural Services
  • Master Planning
  • Audio, Video & Lighting
  • Rigging System Design
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Acoustics
  • Interior Design Services
  • Auditorium Seating
  • General Construction

Our holistic "designed from the inside out" approach gives you confidence in your investment.

Improving coordination, increasing efficiency, and lowering costs are always a top priority. It’s why Paragon 360® and Xperience Construction has enlisted TDP, allowing us to minimize the confusion, challenges, and added cost of multiple, individual firms working on a single project. This greatly streamlines the design-build process, improves scope alignment, allows better financial control, reduces change orders, expedites project delivery, and allows for a much higher level of accountability. It’s a partnership dedicated to helping you make the most of your vision while ensuring the highest levels of satisfaction with projects delivered on-time and on-budget with excellence. It's not for everyone - just those looking to save time and money.