Waterloo, Ontario - Canada

Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly

Paragon 360 headed to Canada for a sanctuary renovation that transformed this multi-ethnic church.

Project Type

  • Houses of Worship


  • Audio
  • Scenic Elements
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Rigging
  • Staging


  • Waterloo, Ontario - Canada

Crossing the Border for a Life-Changing Transformation

When Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly in Waterloo, Ontario, decided it was time to renovate their sanctuary, Lead Pastor Chris Padiath immediately sought out the expertise of Springfield, MO based Paragon 360. Having tracked Paragon 360 for many years, it was one of Chris' dreams as a pastor to partner with Paragon 360 on a project of this nature. This project included new audio, video, and lighting systems, FabriTRAK acoustical work, and Paragon 360’s custom scenic and architectural elements. Paragon 360 was able to partner with WPA, seeing their vision for the building, and providing detailed renderings of the design concepts which made the vision become a reality. Waterloo Pentecostal expressed a desire to be back in their building as soon as possible, and in spite of being separated by more than 900 miles and an international border, Paragon 360 installed the entire renovation in record time.

A word from the Pastor

"They [Paragon 360] cared about our church as an individual church. They cared about our vision - who we are - and they took time to actually study that and have an understanding of our priorities."

Custom-Tailored Audio Excellence

The new audio systems for the sanctuary at WPA included a new main loudspeaker system comprised of a pair of Danley Sound Labs SH96’s, along with Fulcrum Acoustic CX1265’s for side seating sections. With limited rigging opportunities and weight restrictions, these highly directive point source loudspeakers were chosen for this project to maintain sight lines throughout the auditorium while offering very focused and controlled coverage of the seating areas. Fulcrum Acoustics Sub218 subwoofers round out the loudspeaker design adding powerful, low frequency capability to the system. Amplification for the system was supplied by Danley Sound Labs and Crown with BSS processing.

In addition to the sanctuary audio system, audio needs in the lobby and public corridor spaces were covered by JBL Control 16 series loudspeakers powered by Crown amplification and BSS processing.

Lighting That Enhances The Space

"We had a major lighting issue. We wanted to improve the lighting in the sanctuary. We wanted to have a 360 feel of what it means to be in this space in worship." - Chris Padiath, Lead Pastor, WPA

The new lighting systems for Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly included RGBW houselights from the Chroma-Q Inspire series, stage lights by Chauvet and ETC, Colorsource RGBW Ellipsoidals from ETC, and Rogue R2 Wash moving heads. Paragon 360 also installed a power infrastructure using ETC Echo Relay Panels. The entire system is controlled by a Hog 4 Hoglet and Hog 4 PC setup, with Doug Fleenor Design 2 and 10 button wall stations for easy lighting control when the console is not in use. Added atmosphere around the room is provided by twelve Paragon Fabrication custom color-changing wall sconces, and custom lighted scenic elements on the platform fronts and upstage portion of the platform.

"There are several people out there who can do parts of a project. You can subcontract that to different people. But it's hard to have a cohesive vision about a starting point and an ending point, and Paragon was able to walk us through that entire process. The pictures, the schematics - everything was exactly what they said it would be."

Paragon 360 Custom Scenic And Architectural Elements

Paragon 360 worked with the church leadership at Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly to create a custom design that brought a fresh, modern look to the existing platform. The concept was to keep with some of the natural existing finishes of the building, but also add elements to create a new atmosphere in the sanctuary. Backlit panels, custom columns, and fabricated stone accents came together to bring the platform to life, creating a visually compelling worship space. Paragon 360 also installed Illuminated Modesty Walls to hide cabling and other clutter on the platform, and extensive FabriTRAK acoustical elements were used to help perfect the audio properties of the sanctuary. All of the custom scenic, architectural, and acoustical elements were designed, built, and installed by Paragon 360.

The renovation of Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly was completed ahead of schedule, and the Canadian church was thrilled with the updated sanctuary. The beautiful lighting elements, new audio systems, and carefully hand-crafted scenic and architectural pieces not only modernized the look and feel of the sanctuary, but also made it extremely functional. Paragon 360 was able to provide a turn-key, custom renovation for Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly that was exactly what the church had envisioned, turning their dreams into a reality.

"Because we were looking for one company to do everything, we immediately contacted Paragon 360."

Chris Padiath, Lead Pastor, Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly