Lynn Haven, FL

Emerald Coast Fellowship

Paragon 360 completes 700 seat sanctuary renovation for Emerald Coast Fellowship in 2018, on-time and on-budget

Project Type

  • Houses of Worship


  • Audio
  • Scenic Elements
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Interior Design
  • Acoustics
  • Rigging
  • Staging


  • Lynn Haven, FL

A Challenging Sanctuary Renovation

Emerald Coast Fellowship in Lynn Haven, Florida was in the market for a complete renovation of their 500 seat sanctuary. The plan was to add onto the back of the room with an additional 300 seats and lobby space. One of the biggest issues was the lack of height in the room. By adding on to the length the room the space would naturally feel long with very little height making audio, video and lighting design very challenging. Paragon 360 was contracted in 2017 as the churches design/build partner to lead the design efforts of the renovation.

Due to the unique challenges of the space, Paragon would have to create synergy between audio, video and lighting systems and would have to get creative in the design of the architectural elements to try and make the space feel different than it was naturally. Paragon 360 was responsible for all new AVL systems, rigging, acoustics and interior design. In addition Paragon designed and built custom scenic, staging and architectural elements for the space in an effort to holistically change the experience in the room. Design work began in the Spring of 2017, and the renovation was completed and unveiled in June of 2018.

"At every point, throughout our process, [Paragon] reflected character. And that matters.”


The new audio system at Emerald Coast Fellowship features Yamaha CL5 digital mixing consoles at both the Front of House and the broadcast audio position. QSC processing and amplifiers drive the Fulcrum loudspeaker system, which features cardioid subwoofer systems. There were multiple wireless microphones spec’d for ECF, including the Shure ULXD with SM58 and KSM9 capsules, along with PSM300 IEM systems and RF Venue antenna combiners and distributors. Onstage monitoring is handled by Digital Audio Labs personal mixers via a Dante network, with microphones by Audix, Audio Technica and DPA handling all of the inputs on the platform from the orchestra, worship band, and choir.


The new lighting system at Emerald Coast Fellowship consists of a Martin and Chauvet lighting rig. Lighting control is accomplished with the GrandMA2 software, coupled with the GrandMA2 OnPC Command Wing. Chauvet 910FC LED ellipsoidals are being used for front light, with the platform being colored with Martin Rush Par 2 Zooms and Martin Rush MH 6 fixtures. Additional lighting control is available via Doug Fleenor Designs button stations.


The new video system at Emerald Coast Fellowship utilizes the latest in video production technology. The main display is an 18’ 10” x 6’ 3” Primeview 3.0mm LED Display. Two additional Panasonic 84″ Full HD LCD Professional Displays provide additional video coverage in the back of the Sanctuary and the Confidence Monitor is also a Panasonic 84” Display. The remote control camera system uses a Panasonic 4K Stationary Camera at the rear of the room that procures four individual High Definition Images via a Datavideo KMU-100C Multi-Image Production unit. Each individual image has Pan and Zoom capability to provide four unique images from one 4K source. Three additional Panasonic PTZ cameras also provide content from various positions in the Sanctuary. A total of seven Camera Views and Worship Graphics are available at the Datavideo switcher for streaming content and recording options. The same images are also available and independently controlled for viewing on the LED Display. A tvONE Corio Video Processor provides multiple background and multiscreen looks on the LED display. Additionally, the digital signage system has network-based content control and distribution. There are currently (8) displays in the system, with unlimited expansion capability.

“As I began to talk to friends who are Worship Pastors and let them know about this project and told them who we were working with, their response was, 'oh wow, congratulations!' They were wowed because they have seen what Paragon can do, and they knew that we were going to get an end product that was quality that was going to be a great tool and a great resource for us.”

More than Audio, video & lighting

In an effort to create a more engaging space, Paragon created several, custom, illuminated scenic and architectural elements throughout the entire room and recommended taking the ceiling to black. Extensive Fabri-TRAK acoustical elements were used to help perfect the audio design and yet accent Paragon’s interior design specifications. Paragon also designed multiple, illuminated architectural elements in the lobby space in addition to distributed audio and digital signage. All scenic and acoustical elements were designed, built and installed by Paragon 360.