Interior Design

A holistic design approach has been part of Paragon’s brand from day one. At Paragon 360®, it’s a purpose driven, comprehensive level of service.

We believe the design encounter should begin from the first steps into the building. Through the use of paint schemes, furniture, fabrics, architectural lighting, carpeting, flooring, scenic textures, window coverings and more, our Interior Design Department can extend the look and feel of the Worship Center experience to include other areas such as Lobbies, Youth Areas, Coffee Shops, Libraries, Fellowship Halls… you name it. Continuity is critical throughout the spaces. Our team can also create exciting, innovative, themed environments for Children’s Spaces and Youth Rooms. When we talk about creating engaging environments, we’re not just talking about speakers and lights.

As part of the Interior Design Services we offer at Paragon 360®, our Interior Design Team will develop itemized bid lists and facilitate the bid process on furnishings and materials for your project. We also assist with placement of existing artwork and accessories as required, and we develop color renderings and design boards showing intended finishes for your space. We also develop finish schedules for selected finishes, and recommended design concepts to help you cast your vision.

It’s just another example of our holistic design approach that brings value to vision. This offers our valued clients the benefits of greater communication and coordination, financial control, and expedited project delivery.