Greenwood, AR

First Baptist Church Greenwood

Paragon 360 completes full sanctuary renovation for First Baptist Church Greenwood

Project Type

  • Houses of Worship


  • Audio
  • Scenic Elements
  • Seating
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Interior Design
  • Acoustics


  • Greenwood, AR

Project Overview

FBC Greenwood’s current worship center was built in 1979, and while still functional, the audio, video and lighting systems were outdated. The church decided that while it was time to update AVL systems, it was time to look at a full top to bottom sanctuary renovation. The project included new audio, video, and lighting systems, custom fabrication of scenic and architectural elements, and interior design.

Audio, Video, and Lighting Upgrades

Paragon started with the audio system. The old equipment was removed and replaced with the latest technology, the centerpiece being the new A&H Avantis console, which was accompanied by stage boxes and wireless systems for distribution. Paragon also installed a new broadcast mixer, amplification, and processing systems, along with the ME-1 IEM system for individualized monitoring. Paragon’s signature choir monitoring system was also installed to ensure crystal-clear sound quality and minimize delays and feedback for the audience. To top it all off, a new line array with subwoofers was put in place, providing consistent volume and clarity to everyone in the space.

The lighting system was next on the list. Paragon provided a new Hog 4 PC control solution that featured relay-controlled circuits. They installed new LED lighting fixtures in the front, back, up, and side positions. The scenic also incorporated full-color LED lighting to create an immersive atmosphere that extends the worship experience.

The essentials were used to enhance the video experience. New projectors were brought in, and new 16:9 screens were incorporated and relocated into the scenic. These elements create a more refined presentation of video without breaking the budget.

Having up-to-date equipment makes for more efficient and effective rehearsals, and will allow FBC Greenwood to better train and manage its volunteers.

“We felt like from day one, Paragon brought to the table the help that we needed in navigating the project. To me, the experience that Paragon has in working with churches is priceless.”

Creating a Seamless Connection

The over-all objective in this project was to create a seamless connection between the stage and the surrounding space, resulting in a cohesive and immersive experience for all.

The scenic design took on a central role in this renovation, extending along the soffit and seamlessly blending the stage with its surroundings. To enhance the visual impact, every scenic element also included captivating, intergated full-color LED lighting.

Recognizing the importance of versatility, we provided numerous modesty walls, allowing for a wide array of stage configurations. This flexibility ensured that the space could be tailored to accommodate the unique needs of each occasion, further enhancing the overall experience.

In addition to the scenic enhancements, we delivered a Paragon 360 DE360 drum enclosure, a treated balcony face, and custom pulpit. The cutting-edge drum enclosure reduces on-stage decibel levels and allows for precision and clarity in the mix. The treated balcony face and the pulpit were designed to bring the overall aesthetic front and center in the room. Finally, we were able to honor the traditional feel of the space by incorporating the church’s original stained glass window into the design instead of replacing it.

“We’ve had nothing but great feedback from our worship team, people in our congregation, [and] people that have watched us online the past couple weeks."