Fort Worth, TX

Cross Church

After multiple church renovation projects with Paragon 360, North Richland Hills Baptist Church contracted Paragon for the new construction of a satellite campus known as Cross Church.

Project Type

  • Houses of Worship


  • Audio
  • Scenic Elements
  • Seating
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Interior Design
  • Acoustics
  • Rigging
  • Staging


  • Fort Worth, TX

One Church, Two Locations

Cross Church DFW is a satellite campus of North Richland Hills Baptist Church that was launched after two years of praying and planning. The new construction of the Cross Church campus was opened in September of 2019. Both campuses are multi-generational, with contemporary worship and on-site Sunday small groups for all ages. Simply stated, they are one church in two locations. Paragon 360 has done multiple projects at the original location in years past and was contracted in 2017 as the churches design-build partner for the new Cross Church campus project.

In the Clients Words

"Working with Paragon has been fantastic. They have been great partners throughout this whole process."

Customized Audio

As part of the overall church renovation project, we equipped the satellite campus with an all new audio system featuring a Bose Room Match loudspeaker system powered by Bose PM series amplifiers and processed by a QSC Core110. Extending into the commons and gathering areas were Bose ceiling speakers along with a QSC touch screen controller for easy source and volume adjustments. Mixing duties at FOH were handled by a Yamaha TF5 with the addition of TIO stage racks, located just off stage.

We treated the stage itself to a full complement of Ace Backstage floor pockets for connecting microphones, monitors, and IEM mixers. A Dante card was added to the Yamaha system for flexibility of networked audio sources on the platform. Shure QLXD wireless microphone systems were deployed along with Sennheiser wireless IEM systems. All antenna combination and distribution were handled by RF Venue. Dante enabled Aviom mixers were used onstage for monitoring, along with a pair of EAW MW10 floor monitors. New DPA head-worn microphones were chosen for the campus Pastor and Audio Technica shotgun microphones for capturing the audience. All equipment racks, AC sequencing and distribution is from Middle Atlantic.

Cross Church renovation project by Paragon 360.
Projects like this make Paragon a leader among church renovation companies.
This drum cage was added during the church renovation project by Paragon.
Church renovation companies like Paragon specialize in acoustic systems like this.
A focus of the Cross church renovations was audio-visual upgrades like this.
Our Cross church renovations included this new seating.
Our church renovations included these electronics upgrades.
When considering church renovation companies, Pastor Winters chose Paragon 360.
During the Cross Church remodel, Church renovation company Paragon 360 added this drum cage.
Sound system installed during the Cross Church remodel project.
After the Cross Church remodel, Pastor Winters delivers a sermon.
After the Cross Church remodel, members have more space to socialize.
After the Cross Church renovation, pastors discuss a point on stage.

Video Technology for the Future

The new video system at Cross Church supports worship in the worship center, a campus-to-campus link for remote sermon delivery, and distributed video to classrooms and lobby spaces throughout the building. All this integrated use made the right video system a key element to a successful install.

As part of our church renovation at Cross Church, Paragon identified a video system that would fit all the many specific needs of the campus. Video presentation in the worship center was accomplished with three Da-Lite 16:9 screens side by side on the upstage wall. Paired with Panasonic RZ570 laser projectors, these screens provided crisp presentation of lyrics, sermon notes, and video content to support the worship service. The displays were driven using a Matrox TripleHead2Go paired with Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter software.

In order to facilitate remote sermon delivery in real time, from a pastor preaching at one campus to the other, a matching pair of streaming systems were installed at each campus. For capture, a Panasonic PTZ camera was installed at each campus and was programmed with presets dedicated to capturing the pastor on stage in the right proportion to deliver a roughly life-size image to the projection screen at the remote campus. The signal was then transported across a Data video cloud-based streaming system. Once the signal arrived at the receiving campus; it was able to be projected onto a Da-Lite Wireline screen. The Wireline screen lowered from out of site to float just above the stage deck, without the black leader above the screen found on traditional electric screens. This allowed the life-size image to be projected in a much more natural position for viewers than using the projection screens located on the upstage wall.

"Our church trusted Paragon because of their reputation. They have done such a tremendous job with so many other churches, we knew we could trust them.

Vibrant, Leading-Edge Lighting Systems

The lighting system Paragon 360 installed as part of the Cross Church renovations included RGBW houselights from the Chroma-Q Inspire series. The stage was lit entirely by Chauvet products, including the Chauvet Ovation 910FC RGBAL LED ellipsoidals for front light and Chauvet Par Quad 18s for backlight. To create a unified and complimentary look across the entire stage area, Chauvet Batten Quad 6s were used to internally light (4) custom Paragon Fabrication modesty walls.

All of the lighting installed is controlled by a Vista PC setup using the new MV control surface and the Vista 3 software by Chroma-Q. Additionally, Doug Fleenor Design 2 and 10 button wall stations were installed for user-friendly, simple lighting control when the console is not in use. Paragon 360 also allowed for power control from the console by tying in all lighting circuits to an ETC Echo Relay Panel.

Customization Beyond Technology

The Cross Church renovation project required Paragon Fabrication services, including design, fabrication, and installation of our custom, illuminated, scenic, staging, and architectural elements throughout the stage and seating area to establish modern, immersive environments. Faux stained glass windows, which mirror the originals in the North Richland Hills main campus, were custom fabricated at the churches request for this new satellite campus. These precise and specific elements were added to give the congregation a feeling of familiarity, while still maintaining a clean, modern look to the sanctuary. Also included was a signature Paragon 360 drum cage.

Paragon was also responsible for the design, provision and installation of extensive, custom acoustical work throughout the space that included our unique FabriTRAK acoustical product. This church renovation also required our new modular seating.

High performance audio, video, and lighting systems paired with custom scenic and staging elements as well as the right acoustics work seamlessly together to create excellent, engaging environments for this new Cross Church campus.

Setting the bar for church renovation companies, Paragon 360's work is meticulously detailed.

Start to finish we sweat the details

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