Jefferson City, MO

Concord Baptist Church

After 20+ years it was time to freshen the sanctuary at Concord Baptist Church. Paragon 360 was selected for the project.

Project Type

  • Houses of Worship


  • Audio
  • Scenic Elements
  • Seating
  • Staging


  • Jefferson City, MO

Project Overview

When Concord Baptist Church in Jefferson City, MO, completed their current worship space in the early 90’s they never felt like it was a finished environment. Due to building complications in construction and budgetary constraints, they had to make cuts in several areas that they had lived with for over 20 years. In early 2018, when the church was ready to do some renovation work to the space, Brad Newbold, Worship Pastor at Concord Baptist Church, could think of no other company to help solve these issues besides Paragon 360. Paragon also brought the architectural services to the project through its architectural partner, Torgerson Design Partners.

"There were no cost over runs. We were finished a week ahead of schedule and came in under budget. Everything was done very well."

The Challenges

The biggest challenges in the room were pertaining to the over-all look and feel of the space. There was a large, rounded baptistery in the middle of the upstage wall. The church had built some odd utility build-outs on the upstage wall that never looked quite right. The stage originally had a small orchestra pit that was now covered up and created a very hollow sound in the stage that was damaging to intelligibility in the space. There was a need for additional stage space with the ever-growing size of the orchestra. The choir loft was a large wooden structure that was designed to be broken down and moved, but this was extremely heavy and cumbersome to do.

The Solutions

After spending several months in the design phase and talking through solutions with the client, Paragon 360 was able to resolve the issues one by one. The baptistery front was cut back to create a modern look, while custom scenic elements with embedded lighting were brought in to make the upstage wall look more uniform and exciting. There was a new Paragon 360 modular choir loft put into place, which added significant flexibility. Paragon 360 guided the church through reconstruction of their stage for more durability and a reduction the hollow bass noise. In addition, Paragon 360 upgraded the theatrical stage lighting. The new lighting, combined with custom illuminated scenic elements, modesty walls, and a Paragon 360 Drum Enclosure, has greatly enhanced the worship environment at Concord Baptist Church, and created a fresh space that will serve the church for many years to come.