Durant, OK

Choctaw Cultural Center

Paragon provides another engaging environment showcasing the history of the Choctaw people.

Project Type

  • Corporate


  • Acoustics


  • Durant, OK

When Acoustics are as important as aesthetics

The Choctaw Cultural Center is dedicated to exploring, preserving, and showcasing the culture and history of the Choctaw people. The exhibits are immersive and told from the Choctaw perspective – honoring the physical and spiritual journey of the Choctaw people, the “Chahta Nowvt Aya.” Located in Durant, Oklahoma, the Choctaw Cultural Center includes over 100,000 square feet of rich, living exhibitions, a vast Living Village, classrooms, a theater, café, and retail shop that together bring the Chahta spirit of faith, family, and culture to life!

The combination of art & function

Paragon 360 was contracted to provide artistic, printed acoustical work throughout the museum. The product of choice was FabriTRAK, the premium sound solution in interior design finishes. Paragon provided, designed, and installed over 10,000 sq ft of printed FabriTrak for the Choctaw Cultural Center project.

In early conversations with the architect, Paragon 360 found there was a need for a solution to control the acoustics and enhance the theming in the room without affecting the aesthetics. The client was impressed with Paragon’s FabriTRAK product, especially by the size of areas that could be covered without seams. Some of the walls covered were 20’ tall and over 110’ wide with vertical seams every 15’. Different types of infill were used depending on the curve of the wall.

A Challenging Project

The unique museum space was challenging. The design was intricate as we had to work in and around many elements with oddly shaped surfaces and many curves. At first, the sheer amount of wall space that needed to be covered seemed daunting to Paragon's five-person crew. As many of the exhibits were already in place, the team had to use extra care and planning when working. Very careful attention had to be given to the printed fabrics and how they would line up in the end with 3D exhibits to create seamless, artistic images.

In today's world, acoustics are a critical part in the design and construction of interior spaces.

FabriTRAK's diversity allows architects and designers to meet exacting demands and criteria for any project.

Choctaw Cultural Center was looking for a solution to control acoustics while enhancing the aesthetics and they found it with FabriTRAK and Paragon 360. The breathtaking artwork allowed for very clear, scenic images that added realism, depth, and dimension to the space. The product created a more interactive, immersive experience for the guests.