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Our innovative modular staging cubes do it all.

Perfect for any theater stage design needs, our industry leading modular cubes “set the stage” for ultimate flexibility with an unmatched variety of features and customization options.

Better Stage Design: We saw a need for a superior modular staging product that didn't exist—so we made it ourselves.

Extensive experience with church stage design and theater stage design-led Paragon 360 to create our unique brand of modular cubes. Our cubes are ideal for complete platforms, stage extensions, stage thrusts, choir riser systems, or band platforms. Our units are the quietest stage design products in the market. An optional modular floor pocket system adds flexibility and versatility that houses of worship and other venues around the country have found vital for the success of their uniquely styled services and performances. Additionally, they're versatile enough to blend seamlessly into spaces of all looks and sizes.

Learn more about our innovative modular cube staging and why it's the perfect solution to your staging challenges or needs.

Modular Staging Features

Our modular stage design cubes feature aluminum construction for maximum strength to weight ratio. The frame and legs are made from welded aluminum extrusions. The extruded frame has a unique design feature in that it not only protects the top surface but it also allows each platform to interlock/nest to each other for stacking, storage and design versatility.

The cubes are fabricated with gussets for optional leveling feet to overcome less than ideal floor conditions. In addition, our cube tops consist of ¾” high density engineered wood with standard low pile carpet in gray or black.

Tops are also available in 1” frosted plexiglass surface for lower interior lighting.
Our modular cubes are engineered and rated for 1,150 lbs per cube. If high point loads are required, cubes with additional bracing can be special ordered.
Our modular cubes are as attractive as they are functionally flexible. The unique leg design allows for insertion of polycarbonate, acrylic, hardwood, PVC or aluminum faces. The faces can have graphics applied and be backlit to further customize your look. Decorative grills, unique metal patterns and special appliques give the ability for a truly unique look. Tops are also available in 1” frosted plexiglass surface for lower interior lighting.
All our modular cube staging comes equipped with a portable floor pocket system. This pocket system allows for easy connection of power and AVL components and the ability to quickly move locations across the stage.

Modular Staging Options

We offer railings with clear or frosted acrylic inserts that can be customized with patterns, logos, and or graphics as desired. Our railings can also be dressed with museum mounts, floating clips and wood tops for a more finished, contemporary look.
Our standard modular cube sizes are 36”W X 36”D or 40”W X 40”D or 48”W X 48”D. Standard units are available in 12”, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” height increments. Custom sizes and irregular shapes can also be ordered at any time.
We offer leveling kits for modular cubes to address the likelihood of an uneven floor. These kits can be added to any cube size for an additional cost.
We also offer a Modular Cube Bridge unit to span the distance between two full modular cubes. This piece is made of the same extruded aluminum frame as our standard modular cubes and the top rail is the exact same dimensions. The bridge simply bolts to standard modular cube pieces. This allows for a larger stage surface area without having to have quite as many full cubes. The bridge units are less expensive than the entire modular cube, which makes a larger stage more cost-effective.
Stage design modules seen here have transformed our stage design process.
Each church stage design module is carefully built.
Here you can see our modular stage design approach.
Attractive modular stage design cubes like these are aesthetically pleasing.
Attractive modular stage design cubes like these are aesthetically pleasing.
Attractive church staging cubes complement beautiful worship spaces.
These modular stage design cubes are fully customizable.
Our church stage design offerings include choir risers like these.
Effective church stage design brings people together.
A Paragon 360 expert checks modular church stage design cubes to ensure exact specifications.
Scenic elements like this complete our church stage design projects.
Church stage design with alter benches.
Our church stage design modules are seen here.
Modular stage design cubes lend to a clean stage design for any church or theater.

"The modular stage that Paragon built for us is very impressive and we have experienced the flexibility of it. The precision and quality that it’s built it gives it the fit and finish of a Maserati."