Lighting Systems for Theater, Worship Spaces, Retail, and Performance Venues

Twenty years ago the ellipsoidal was redesigned, rock n roll wiggle lights became lighting tools, audio consoles are taking after lighting consoles and now video and stage lighting have merged. LED fixtures offer the first major change in light source in 50 years. DMX lighting protocol is being replaced with Ethernet.

The face of theater and stage lighting is ever-changing. Our staff stays on top of it so they can bring you cutting edge solutions. We were one of the first to use LED house-lighting in a 600 seat state-of-the-art high school theater. Today’s LED lighting is getting better by the day.

With 25 years of lighting design experience in theatres, television, churches and concerts, we understand that each project has its own needs. In some cases it’s about lighting for broadcast and IMAG, or even high-definition systems. Other venues need cost-effective special effects and high energy impact. Oftentimes it’s about basic systems for general purpose, educational resources or community theatre.

The Paragon 360® staff welcomes these challenges and treats each job as a separate project with its own personality. Position placement, angles, fixture choice, power indication, dimming requirements, rigging specs, distribution layout, detailed control systems and their interfaces are just a few of the many considerations for lighting system design.

Lighting systems have to be integrated with video, audio and acoustic systems, and aesthetics must be considered. We work to try and offer solutions to stage backgrounds and sets that can aid greatly in the overall lighting impact in a very cost- effective manner. Our group will work as a cohesive team to ensure the most dependable, safe and user-friendly design with continuity between all systems.

We are still out there today lighting concerts, broadcast productions, church platforms and theatrical stage shows. This keeps us up to date and in tune with the latest and greatest solutions in our industry.

“The proof in the quality of their work was shown in our first service. The new lighting system helped take us to a new level in our services. I give my highest recommendation to anyone considering this firm for their integrity, professionalism, work ethic, patience, and quality of service.”
Ritchie Miller, Pastor, Avalon Church