Auditorium Design

Paragon 360® is an industry leader in auditorium space design. Our holistic, “design from the inside out” approach allows us to deliver engaging environments that create better connection through cost effective design solutions. Our proven design/build methods allow us to not only deliver the project more cost effectively than anyone else in our business, but it also allows for solid communication and complete accountability.

The design/build approach means that Paragon 360® will carry your project from concept through design, equipment provision, fabrication, installation, commissioning and training. This approach improves coordination, eliminates the loop holes, gaps and pit falls that are typical during renovation or new construction projects. It also means that the company that designs your systems will also install it and take full responsibility for it. There is no other approach that delivers more accountability while saving you money. High priced consultants that provide books of fancy technical specifications or pre-determined space design formulas will eat half of your budget and provide very little accountability by igniting the blame game all while racking up change orders at installation time.

Our services include audio, video, lighting and rigging systems in addition to acoustical elements. Paragon 360® also designs and builds our own scenic, staging and architectural elements, and we provide theatrical consultation, theatre and worship center space planning. We also provide acoustical analysis, detailed CAD drawing sets, amazingly realistic color renderings and complete budget analysis.

Paragon 360® has the largest arsenal of available AVL products, acoustical solutions and the ability to custom fabricate almost anything. Combined with our ability to install, commission and train with industry leading, certified technicians, we provide the most comprehensive auditorium design services in the market. Our team of artisans spans multiple platforms from theatre to broadcast, church space design and live event production. We have a passion for designing and building invigorating spaces.

Renovations & New Construction

Paragon 360® designs church spaces from sanctuaries to children and youth themed environments, multi-purpose rooms and multi-site campuses. Paragon also provides design/build services for educational spaces, theatres, amusement parks, stadiums, retail environments and entertainment venues.

Contact us today about your project. From ballparks and roller coasters to themed restaurants and worship spaces, Paragon 360® is America’s Go-To Team of AVL & Design/Build Specialists™.