Whitesburg Baptist Finds New Life in Renovation


Leadership in the Huntsville, Alabama church thought they’d have to build a new facility, but Paragon 360 renovated their existing space into a modern, functional sanctuary they didn’t think was possible, at a fraction of the cost of new construction.

Whitesburg Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama envisioned a new intimate, modern, versatile space to hold worship services. The church’s leadership was able to bring that modern feel into their current space at a fraction of the cost of a new building. The renovation by Paragon 360 was one of the company’s few projects completed during the pandemic. The newly renovated facility is designed to build engagement during this time, but is also creating lasting engagement for the future.

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“We had really only planned to start with some minor modifications, but Paragon came in and began to help us dream bigger dreams of what we could be. They showed us how to utilize the current space and how it can be more current, more usable and the cost effectiveness of doing what we have done versus either a relocation or a complete rebuild. It was very obvious that we could take the space we have, make it current, relevant and something that could be lasting for an extended period of time,” says Daryl Craft, the senior pastor of Whitesburg Baptist Church.

The project involved an expansive remodel of the sanctuary space. The stage area was re-designed for functionality and aesthetics using Paragon's custom staging, scenic and architectural elements, improving the transition between their three different services. The project also included integrating the churches current audio equipment into a more holistic system, updating the video and lighting systems, addition of extensive acoustical work throughout the space and providing new auditorium seating. The result is a beautiful, functional first-in-class space that will increase engagement and allow growth.

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“Paragon 360 has enabled us to use our space where we are creating environments of relationship. Paragon has taken such a personal interest in this project," says Craft.

For more information, visit the full Whitesburg Project Profile.

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