Ridgecrest Baptist Church Picks Paragon 360


A full sanctuary remodel at Springfield, MO’s Ridgecrest Baptist Church included a new audio system and strategic acoustic design.

Springfield, MO (October 26, 2020)—Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Springfield, MO underwent a massive growth in attendance over the last few years, and had to renovate to keep up with the times and its growing congregation. While that led to a complete reworking of the worship facility’s interior design, seating and lighting, the effort also included an extensive revamping of its audio system and a strategic acoustic design. Tackling all of that was Paragon 360, working with strategic architectural partner Torgerson Design Partners and Base Construction.

The original audio systems at Ridgecrest Baptist met the initial needs of the congregation, carrying speech and supporting the needs of the choir. However, the church wanted to create a more engaging experience for its congregants and needed an audio system that could achieve this. A new stereo loudspeaker system was installed that would be more conducive to praise and worship style music. It is also capable of handling a more traditional choir orchestra setup. Paragon’s audio design provided even coverage of the room, and also included the installation of a new Allen & Heath dLive Series mixing console at the FOH position, implemented to interface with the structure of the church and provided a user-friendly control surface for volunteers.

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Hand in hand with the new equipment was also a new acoustical redesign of the space. The original sanctuary as designed reportedly left a number of acoustical issues un-treated. In the remodel of the sanctuary space, Paragon conducted an elaborate acoustical study of the space, considered the new audio system, determined what needed to be treated and decided on the best acoustical solution. Fabri-TRAK, a fire-retardant, rigid vinyl framework that provides a method for using textiles such as fabric, felt, leather, silk and vinyl, as an interior finish for walls and ceilings, was chosen to resolve the acoustical challenges in the space.

“Everything was done with a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail and to our culture. We are over the moon about how it looks, how it sounds, even the feel of the room is just different. It has been incredibly transformative,” said Rich Langston, worship pastor.

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