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Full Circle

Join us for a closer look at the REVI system from Environmental Lights – the technology leader in true low-voltage lighting systems for churches, auditoriums and stages. See how the REVI system improves reliability, flexibility and value to overcome the most common points of failure with our guest, Greg Higgins from Environmental Lights.

The REVI System from Environmental Lights

The QuickQ 20 is one of the simplest to use lighting consoles on the market. Watch our latest tech talk to see how this could fit into your church production lineup.

  1. What is REVI?
  2. The REVI Power Supply
  3. The Wiring Set-Up of the REVI
  4. The Major Component of the REVI
  5. The Lights
  6. The Control System
  7. DMX Capabilities & Linear Lighting
  8. The Core of Environmental Lights

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