10 Questions That Lead to Better Church Design

Full Circle

At Paragon 360, we have designed and completed over 1,000 church projects over the last 21 years, and I think one of the most critical techniques we've developed is purpose-driven design. Purpose Driven Design is when a space is strategically designed and developed to achieve the goals of the organization. In this episode of Full Circle, we dive into ten questions that lead to better church building projects.

What to Consider for Better Space Design

Donnie Brawner, CEO, is joined by Ron Robertson, VP of Design Services, and Ryan Cowen, President at Paragon 360 to discuss their technique of purpose-driven design. Not only does the design require audio, visual, and lighting systems, but the focus remains on creating an environment for the client that helps fulfill their mission and vision. The client's needs assessment kickstarts the process as it is the blueprint that leads to purpose-driven design. Before we can begin though, there are some questions to ask your team to help outline your space's mission.

  1. What is the current status of my church's growth?
  2. What are the current goals?
  3. What roadblocks are hindering your goal?
  4. What are your mission, vision, and values?
  5. Does your space reflect those missions, visions, and values?
  6. Who is your current target audience?
  7. How should you be communicating with your current target audience?
  8. What are you known for in your community?
  9. What are the biggest threats facing your church?
  10. How do you intend for your ministry to grow over the next 5 to 10 years?

Watch to learn more about how each question leads to a better space design for your church and community.

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