The Importance of Communication in Executing a Church Service

Full Circle

Bryan Bailey, the Director of Media at Prestonwood Baptist Church, joins President of Paragon 360, Ryan Cowen, to discuss the importance of planning services and productions in advance. Watch our latest Full Circle episode as Bryan shares his insights and tools to plan and execute an excellent Sunday service production.

Tools to Streamline the Production Planning Process

Communication and collaboration are at the forefront of successful Sunday morning productions. Below are the tools Bryan Bailey and his team at Prestonwood Baptist Church use to effectively plan and execute their services:

  1. Planning Center Online is a scheduling application where team members can collaborate and plan services with added attachments and volunteer scheduling functionality.
  2. Slack is a communication tool for team members to instantly and effectively communicate through individual channels organized for the specific group of people involved.
  3. Google Sheets in the Google Workspace is a live spreadsheet program that is utilized by the team to create flowsheets outlining the service step by step including scripted camera shots and lighting cue numbers.

Watch to learn more from Bryan Bailey on these tools and how they are utilized to plan effective media productions.

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