Paragon 360 remodels Crossway’s sanctuary space


Crossway Baptist Church partners with Paragon 360 for a transformative sanctuary remodel. Removing the choir loft enhances flexibility, while Paragon's innovative designs elevate the space with custom elements and upgraded AV systems. Pastor Eddie Bumpers hails the collaboration as a game-changer.

USA: Crossway Baptist Church recently reached out to its longtime friend, Paragon 360, for a major remodel of its sanctuary space. The main goal of this project was to improve the functionality and flexibility of Crossway's platform area by removing the permanent choir loft. Removing the choir loft added flexibility to the space by opening up the real estate on the platform and providing a flat floor to work from.

Crossway invested in Paragon’s signature custom, modular choir riser system to accommodate the choir. This system allowed the team to set up the platform in any way they needed while ensuring the choir loft was appropriately sized for the choir. Removing the choir loft also allowed Paragon 360 to reimagine platform entrances and exits and add entry points directly to the platform's centre that are not visible to audience areas. Paragon also created a “blinder wall” that hides the new upstage entry point and creates an elevated platform that can be used during productions.

Paragon 360 platform design included multiple self-illuminated, modular architectural elements like baptistery treatments, back wall elements, custom screen surrounds, custom modesty walls, camera platforms, front-fill speaker enclosures/grilles and a custom drum enclosure. Every scenic and architectural element was fabricated at Paragon’s shop and then delivered to the project site for installation. This design-build solution was said to take months off the project delivery time.

Upgrades were also made to the existing audio, video and lighting systems. Paragon 360 changed all the main platform front lighting to LED fixtures and installed all new LED house-lighting systems and additional moving lights. Motorised rigging systems were added for all of the over-platform lighting positions. New confidence monitors and carts were added for the front row of seating. A new third middle screen was also added with custom motorised controls. All floor pockets and AVL interconnects were upgraded. New front-fill speakers were added to the existing audio system, along with relocated subwoofers. The entire audio system was retuned for enhanced performance. In addition, Paragon's signature choir monitoring system was installed.

“If someone asked me about using Paragon, I would 100% give the green light to do it. The feel of our room has changed for the better since Paragon came into this project,” said Eddie Bumpers, senior pastor, Crossway Baptist Church.

Originally featured in Worship AVL