Paragon 360 Renovates First Baptist Jacksonville


First Baptist Church of Jacksonville renovated the Lindsay Memorial Auditorium with Paragon 360.

Jacksonville, FL (October 8, 2021)—In 2020, First Baptist Church of Jacksonville approached AVL design house Paragon 360 about renovating the Lindsay Memorial Auditorium into a second, smaller worship space located on the church’s downtown campus. The smaller worship space would seat just over 900, compared to the church’s more famous service space that seats 9,000. Paragon 360 renovated the auditorium from top to bottom and completed the project in March of 2021.

Many of the changes made involved sound within the facility, as the Paragon team replaced the auditorium carpet, painted the lower floor pews and created a new modular choir loft for the sanctuary space. The company also updated the infrastructure by improving the audio, visual, and lighting systems to strengthen the church’s live streaming capabilities.

Hope Church Expands HOW, Audio System

The new, modular choir loft space features a mezzanine with on-stage storage underneath, along with railings, steps, handrails, and additional cubes to expand the loft. After observing the room’s audio and acoustical properties, Paragon made improvements to the audio system and added extensive acoustical work throughout the space. In addition, Paragon added what it calls its signature monitoring system for the choir, orchestra, praise team, and front-line singers.

Paragon’s choir monitor system design utilizes a near-field technique, with smaller monitors mounted throughout the choir. This technique reduces the overall volume required for each choir member to be able to hear their tailored monitor mix. All three monitoring systems work in unison to provide the right mix to each musician and lower the on-stage volume as much as possible in an effort to provide clarity and control across the entire platform.

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