Do Multiple Bids Lead to a Better Project?

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Multiple bids are beneficial and necessary for church clients since church bylaws often require multiple bids to enhance leadership’s fiduciary responsibility. In the ever-changing technological landscape, churches have adopted a new toolset that integrates modern technology for impactful services. How can a church get the systems they need that fit within their budget and don’t waste money, time, or energy? Watch our latest video to determine if multiple bids really do lead to a better project.

Tips to Maximize the Efficiency of the Bidding Process

The purpose of getting multiple bids is to protect the church’s best interest in not getting taken advantage of on price. And yet, the process ends up causing the very thing it was intended to prevent. Regardless of the initial bid prices, when it doesn’t get done right, and it’s not the right system or isn’t installed correctly, the church will spend every bit of that money you saved on the lowest bid, all over again – and then some. To protect the church’s best interest, here are tips to maximize the efficiency of the bidding process:

  1. Find a firm you can trust - Do your research beforehand to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable firm that will not take advantage of you. Good firms will have references from other churches, testimonial videos, and a track record of long-standing repeat relationships.
  2. Consider their design expertise - Many firms out there use copy-and-paste packaged designs or have their manufacturers do the work for them, which usually does not account for anything besides their product. Integrated design makes such a difference in the end product and whether or not it meets your needs.
  3. Ensure the bid is inclusive - Make sure your bids are all-inclusive. The vendors doing bid work tend to price it low by cutting everything out of it that adds value. Make sure you’re paying for work that meets your needs and adds value to your space the first time it’s done.

Watch to learn more about how choosing the right bid for your church is necessary for a successful church system.

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