Tips & Tricks for Linear Lighting

Full Circle

Linear lighting has evolved to become a staple for lighting system design in churches, but each church has different lighting needs. Richard Heaton is joined by Greg Higgins, the Director of Innovation at Environmental Lights, to share the tips he feels are helpful for improving the lighting system at your church.

What to Consider When Designing a Linear Lighting System

Richard Heaton, Lighting Designer for Paragon 360 is joined by Greg Higgins from Environmental Lights to discuss tips and tricks for installing environmental lighting. The conversation begins with Greg explaining what linear lighting is before detailing the evolution of such lighting over the years. Richard and Greg discuss the differences in voltage needs and issues that arise when choosing the wrong voltage. Later, Greg explains branch length limits and how professionals avoid exceeding such limits to ensure the integrity of lighting.

Greg also shares his expertise in selecting the correct lumens and his love of the DMX protocol, which allows lighting to be controlled digitally. As they wrap up their conversation Greg emphasizes the importance of aluminum channel systems, lighting design services, and utilizing the resources and knowledge held by professionals.

Watch to learn more from Greg Higgins and Richard Heaton about each aspect to consider when designing a linear lighting system for your church.

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