DiGiCo KLANG:vokal - Tech Talk

Full Circle

The KLANG:vokal processor and controller system is such an amazing piece of equipment. In this Tech Talk, Brian Roggow is joined by DiGiCo's Ryan Shelton to share the incredible capabilities of the KLANG:vokal. This new system from KLANG is designed to deliver immersive in-ear mixing with maximum flexibility and ease of use. Check it out!

Perfect for Houses of Worship

Maximum Flexibility and user-friendliness make KLANG:vokal and KLANG:kontroller the perfect match for any House of Worship or Theater application.

The KLANG:vokal is designed specifically to match the feature set of KLANG:kontroller but can also work as a stand-alone immersive processor.

Watch to see all of the capabilities:

  1. The uniqueness of the Klang:Vokal
  2. Immersive, Binaural Processing
  3. Comprehensive Software Features
  4. The brilliance of Klang:Vokal Processing
  5. DiGiCo Compatibility
  6. Best Applications for the Klang:Vokal
  7. How to Get Started with Paragon 360 and Klang:Vokal

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