The Best Solution for Church Choir Audio

Full Circle

Paragon’s audio experts Brian Roggow and Mark Coble discuss our signature close-proximity choir monitor system. Mark teaches us what sets Paragon’s choir monitoring system approach apart from the competition and explains how Paragon has solved common issues that arise in choir productions.

The Benefits of Paragon 360's Close Proximity Choir Monitoring Systems

Keeping choirs on key and on cue is critically important, which has been a challenge for traditional monitoring approaches. Paragon 360's own choir monitoring system was developed to specifically address these issues and make for the best Sunday morning production possible.

The trouble with traditional approaches:

  • Acoustical issues created with flown overhead monitors
  • Destructive interference with the FOH PA
  • Acoustical environment of the choir loft
  • Latency

Paragon 360 uses a unique, close proximity monitoring approach to combat the issues that traditional approaches typically face.

Benefits of close proximity monitoring:

  • Volume is low
  • Acoustical issues are solved
  • Timing and Latency issues are gone
  • Minimal interference in FOH and broadcast mixes
  • Monitors pointing to the microphone null point reduces pickup
  • Talkback functionality not obtainable with traditional overhead monitoring

Additional benefits of close-proximity choir monitors:

  • Clearly hear video playback, pastor speaking, and announcements that are normally lost with traditional monitoring

This close proximity design is scalable and works for small and large churches alike, revolutionizing the approach to choir monitoring. Our systems are currently in use at Bellevue Baptist Church, Whitesburg Baptist Church, Genoa Church, South Haven Baptist Church, and Concord Baptist Church.

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