Ask The Right Questions When Hiring

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Is the candidate a good fit for the company culture? Will they make a positive impact on the company? These are the questions that we find most important when hiring.

Ask The Right Questions When Hiring

Hiring the right employees can be difficult for business owners and leaders. While expertise and skills are essential for many professions, overemphasizing them can lead to overlooking critical factors determining a good hire. A company's culture is a crucial factor to consider when making new hires. Hiring an employee who fits in with the company culture can contribute positively and strengthen the organization.

Creating and maintaining a positive company culture is an essential aspect of employee motivation and customer attraction. By considering factors such as cultural fit, potential contribution and team value, businesses can find the right employees who will add value to the company and help drive it forward.

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Donnie Brawner is CEO and owner of Paragon 360 and Paragon Fabrication