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Multi-Purpose Studios

Our client-focused design process delivers studios built to the individual needs of each project. From live-streaming, to broadcast, or post production, our team delivers studios that increase engagement.

Why studios?

In the spring of 2020, the needs and expectations for digital communication changed. We are now connecting virtually even more than we did a year ago. This has created a lasting change in how people live and work. In fact, 60% of consumers have higher expectations of their digital experience than before COVID-19 (Experian Global Insights Report).

Even without the virus, digital communication is here to stay.

It's time to shift investments from Office Space to the Online Experience.

Every organization that wants to continue to thrive must have a digital strategy to connect with its audience. The bar is rising on virtual encounters and organizations need to make the shift from investing in office space to investing in the online experience.

The new digital landscape evens the playing field for organizations. Regardless of size, organizations can deliver the same level of production that large corporations or mega-churches have in their multi-million-dollar facilities by using an in-house studio and having the knowledge to optimize the experience for virtual connection.

Studios are multi-functional spaces.

Churches and Corporations both have the opportunity to increase connection and engagement through studios across many touchpoints.

Uses for Churches:

  • Sunday worship services
  • Kids' ministry lessons & worship
  • Weekly announcements
  • Small groups or micro campuses
  • Panel discussions
  • Recording new worship music

Uses for Corporations:

  • Company meeting broadcasts
  • Product demos
  • Customer sales pitches
  • Seminars and training
  • Social and website content

the new digital landscape evens the playing field for organizations.

Regardless of your size, you can deliver the same level of production as large corporations or mega-churches.

Why Paragon 360?

Our experience and expertise across multiple market segments uniquely position us to build your studio – better, faster, and cheaper.

From high-performance audio, video and lighting systems to auditorium design, acoustics, seating, and custom fabrication, we’re proud to offer an extraordinary breadth of services not found anywhere else in our industry. Our turn-key, design/build services offer more holistically designed systems, greater flexibility, cost savings, and confidence in your investment. Most importantly, you gain the benefit of single-source accountability—and the work of one company whose experience and support you can truly lean on to make your vision come to life. Simply put, at Paragon 360, we create WOW!