When aesthetics are as important as acoustics

Form. Function. Sight. Sound. Perfected by FabriTRAK®.

We’re proud to be a licensed distributor and installer for FabriTRAK® systems, the industry’s leading acoustic wall and ceiling panel solution since 1977.

FabriTRAK's features are so extraordinary, other acoustic products pale in comparison.

Domed printed fabric ceilings. Curved walls. Printed scenery. With FabriTRAK, the acoustic-friendly aesthetics of your space are only limited by your imagination. FabriTRAK's technology is engineered to blend seamlessly into the atmosphere of any space while achieving pristine acoustical balance, whether reflective or absorptive. But there's so much more to FabriTRAK than its ability to fit naturally into the look and feel of your space.

FabriTRAK's stretched fabric design can be fitted to any substrate, from sheetrock to tile to even steel. And because FabriTRAK is assembled on-site, we can fine-tune the profile design to ensure flawless acoustic performance.

FabriTRAK's materials are flame- and abrasion-resistant as well as anti-microbial and recyclable. FabriTRAK offers many infills and fabrics that meet the requirements for LEED certification.

FabriTRAK's versatile fabric can be created with a virtually unlimited amount of colors, textures, and patterns—and meet the specific demands and project criteria for any acoustic consultant or designer.

FabriTRAK's tight-fitting tracks hold material securely while allowing for future change-outs as needed.

See FabriTRAK systems in action in this movie auditorium.
Paragon 360 trusts FabriTRAK systems' technology and aesthetic diversity.
FabriTRAK comes in a limitless assortment of materials and colors.
Modern lighting and sound equipment from an auditorium design project by Paragon.

How and Where FabriTRAK Systems Can Be Applied


Fabric is stretched over the FabriTRAK system framework and tucked into its locking jaws without the use of adhesives or fasteners, which allows for future fabric replacement while not disturbing existing components. The diverse line of FabriTRAK profiles enables a smooth, crisp, custom-tailored transition into adjacent surfaces.


FabriTRAK's wall system comes with 50 unique profiles to create custom acoustical fabric wall and ceiling panels. This system can be applied over virtually any substrate such as sheetrock, plaster, concrete, steel or tile. FabriTRAK is available in Square, Bevel and Radius profiles from 3/8” to 2” depths. Multiple styles of infill can be used such as standard Fiberglass, FabriFILL, Cotton, FabriTACK or TerraCORE or can be combined with FabriBLOK for the complete acoustical solution.


FabriTRAK is ideal for worship spaces, theatrical venues, hospitality facilities, office spaces, museums, government facilities, lodges, financial institutions, restaurants, educational spaces, health care facilities, and even homes. The FabriTRAK product is often used in atriums, themed spaces, boardrooms, ceilings, classrooms, corridors, feature walls, lobbies, home theatres, and children/youth spaces.