Video & Electronic Media Systems

The Paragon 360® team provides turn-key design and installation services for the highest quality video and electronic media systems. These systems range from complete broadcast control rooms to cameras and image magnification systems. Facility wide networked digital signage systems are one of our specialties.

There are a wide variety of video technologies in use today to enhance and add impact to communication and presentations for theaters, academic spaces and houses of worship. Paragon’s systems are custom built for our client’s needs allowing you the ability to harness this technology that has become a staple in today’s culture of electronic communication. This may include improving image quality in sanctuaries with high ambient light levels or improving the viewing angle of the screens. Maybe it involves an upgrade to an HD system, broadcasting the service to a remote location or creating a video venue. Maybe you are looking to add a camera production package so that you can take advantage of image magnification or maybe there is a need for a complete control room renovation for post-production.

Today’s video systems are changing faster than any other aspect of technology. Formats, resolutions, cabling, capture, contrast, playback and projection are things that have to be considered along with the characteristics of the room. The Paragon 360® design philosophy insures that the new AV system or upgrade fits into the over-all plan for the space and is not considered an afterthought or add-on.

Insuring that the video systems will work in unison with lighting and audio systems is critical to the overall design goals. By studying the lighting angles and backgrounds we strive to capture a good image on camera and minimize light bounce onto the projection screens. Selection of the appropriate video cameras and production components are based on playback requirements and staffing.

In new construction projects we design systems from the ground up. Getting it right the first time maximizes the value of the client’s investment. With an eye to the future, our system designs create an infrastructure that allow future system expansion or upgrades.

Image quality, system flexibility, user interface and proper installation are all crucial elements for a successful end product. Our design team has a proven reputation for their innovative design work, attentive client relations, professional integration and efficient execution.