At Paragon 360® , our unique approach is one of a holistic nature. The look, feel, and environment we create in a space goes far beyond audio, video, and lighting. Seating is often times a major element in that experience. Seating may be driven by the need to change the feel of a space, but much of the time it’s driven by the need to improve the functionality and mobility of the space.

From individual furniture choices to large-scale seating arrangements, our auditorium and interior designers are focused on making the most of every space. It’s a specialized level of service assisting with product selection, layout possibilities, purchasing opportunities, and the installation process. So, whether you’re looking for modular seating, pews, auditorium seating, or platform and altar furniture, we’re there for you. Ultimately, we’re pleased to provide turn-key, peace-of-mind that’s packed with value, versatility, and time-tested craftsmanship.

Experience the added comfort, convenience, quality, and overall cost savings of choice seating managed by Paragon 360®. It’s yet another Total Service Advantage setting the Paragon team apart from so many less-experienced sources. Combined with our extensive architectural design services, we’re fully committed to your vision while delivering every element On Time, On Target, and On Budget™.