ETCP, Certified Riggers Designing Rigging Systems For Theaters, Churches & Performance Venues



The most important decisions about any technical system in a theatre or church space will be those pertaining to the rigging system. The conceptual design process for rigging requires study, careful consideration and a high level of expertise. That’s why our technical rigging consultants use their training and experience to design the solution that will best meet your requirements.

Safety is always the first step, whether a motorized or counterweight rigging system is being considered. Motorized rigging, with technology advancements such as motorized trusses, can be a very cost-effective solution over difficult-to-access areas. The classic system, counterweight rigging, remains very common on theatrical stages all over the world.

With counterweight rigging there is much to consider, from locking rails to rigging pits, loading bridges, fly floors, single or double purchase systems, grids, the hanging of loft blocks and the importance of the head block beam.

Motorized rigging brings new concerns such as load limitations of the structure, redundant safety systems for limits and over travel, and specialized operator training. Rigging with motors and truss requires design of control systems, specification of the right truss for the application and point load calculations.

Our consultants work with the architect and structural engineers to ensure the proper support for the chosen rigging systems. In addition, we see to it that sufficient load capabilities are designed into facilities for temporary tour show rigging when applicable.

Our team will insist on proper operation and maintenance training for the rigging system and development of a maintenance and inspection plan. We also provide rigging inspections. Paragon 360® uses ETCP Certified Riggers for its installations.