Digital Signage

Digital Signage Systems for Church & Retail Spaces


What is Digital Signage?



Digital Signage is one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry. By delivering rich interactive content to consumers, members or employees via large screen LCD/Plasma displays, your business or organization stands out from the competition.

Digital signage impacts its viewers. Digital signage is used in lobbies of corporations to display information such as company history, staff information, biographies, products & services, success stories and more. It is used in churches and schools for messaging, agendas and event announcements. The key benefits of digital signage are dynamic messaging, building of customer relations, empowering employees and members, impactful image branding and an interactive approach to communication. Digital signage is replacing traditional printed signage.

These systems are typically comprised of 42” – 50” vertically or horizontally mounted displays, built into the lobby areas driven by computer servers with content management systems. The content can be created and uploaded to the server. Servers can then route multiple programs to multiple displays throughout a space.