Acoustic Consulting, Design, & Installation

What did he say? I couldn’t understand him!

We have all experienced difficulty understanding a speaker or message over a P.A. (public address) system. Why is a speaker or P.A. message so clear in some places and so difficult or impossible to understand in others?

There are a wide range of issues involved with the science of acoustics as related to speech intelligibility or the ability of a listener to understand the spoken word. While acoustics can be a complex issue, we at Paragon 360® understand what it takes to identify the troublesome areas of interior architecture and offer solutions. We also understand how critical it is to the total experience.

There is no doubt that our Acoustics work goes hand in hand with our Audio System design work. These two elements will work in unison to provide the musical quality and speech intelligibility desired. Our design approach not only addresses acoustical treatment, we also are very aware of aesthetic considerations in the room. We strive to provide treatments that will work with the look and feel of the space. Many times our scenic elements play a vital role in the acoustics of the environment. The audio system is designed in conjunction with the room acoustics and scenery so that everything fits into place and looks like it was well planned. What a concept!

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Paragon 360® utilizes specialized training, product research, years of experience, and today’s latest virtual CAD modeling design technology to provide the best acoustical environment, whether it is a traditional house of worship or performance venue.

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