Wal-Mart Stores, Inc


Paragon 360 provided lighting design, coordination, logistics, load in and setup, programming, and operation for the three multi-million dollar meetings for the retail giant annually. The corporate meeting events involved two months of pre-production and over three weeks between setup, rehearsals and meeting dates with a production crew of over 100.

The managers meetings were held in January in Kansas City, MO, at Municipal Auditorium and Bartle Hall convention center with multiple stages in both venues, and in August in Dallas, TX, and Houston, TX. The corporate shareholders meeting was held at the 18,000 seat Bud Walton Arena in Fayetteville, AR. The meetings feature guest speakers, presentations by the company’s highest executives, concert performances from special guests and customer/vendor testimonials. Full stage productions were often a key element to the meeting agenda. The meetings are all broadcast over the Wal-Mart network and recorded for usage later with a very high emphasis on production and broadcast quality. Wal-Mart produced one of the first corporate meetings in High Definition.

While set and stage designs changed from one event to the next, one of the highlighted set designs used in Dallas, Texas, incorporated a 15’ x 86’ seamless screen with the montage video system and multiple projector banks that consisted of three triple-stacked projectors (nine in all) on one screen. In addition there were three additional wide screens scattered throughout the room for viewing at the back of the space. Another 70’ x 12’ screen sat at the back of the stage, built into the set that acted as a virtual video background. Other stage design plans called for the meetings to be done in the round or at one end of an arena on a 70’ turntable stage.

With the major emphasis on both the live product and an incredible broadcast product, the lighting was crucial in the success of the meetings. The lighting systems included over 1,000 fixtures from conventional style units to intelligent fixtures and LED lighting. Virtual design services were also provided for the events which included concept renderings for the client and show pre-programming in our virtual design studio. This allowed for detailed, intensive programming that may have been time-prohibitive on site.

Paragon also provided technical direction for the meetings that included integration between staging, scenic, lighting, audio, video, and venue support. In addition to the meeting events, Paragon 360 provided design and implementation for multiple nationwide satellite broadcast concerts from name entertainment such as Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Bon Jovi, Martina McBride, Bryan Adams, Reba McEntire and Will Smith. Paragon has provided production support for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc producers for over ten years.

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