Union MO High School Theatre

Union School District in Union MO decided to build a new High School Theater performance area that was not only suited for school productions and education but that would also serve the community when necessary. The Union High School 500 seat Theater was opened in 2004. Paragon 360 was contracted for the design of audio, video, lighting, rigging, acoustics, and general theatre planning

The theater featured 144 ETC dimmers split between house-lighting and stage lighting controlled by an ETC control console, and multiple architectural control stations throughout the space. There are over 100 theatrical lighting fixtures spread out over four stage electrics and two catwalks. The stage rigging system consisted of 23 counterweight fly-lines that housed electrics, front main curtain, masking legs, borders, traveler panels, cyclorama and scrims in addition to multiple spare battens for scenic elements.

The audio system was a Meyer self-powered system that was driven by a Crown amplification system and a 32-channel Soundcraft mixing console. The system also featured a Sennheiser wireless mic system and a Clearcom communication system throughout the space. The system was also designed to allow the front of house audio console to be disconnected and brought down to a closer mixing position at mid-house. This called for a very intricate design of a quick connect system making the move painless, efficient and trouble-free.

The space also included hookups for video systems, well designed house-lighting systems, and spotlight operation platforms. Paragon 360 was also involved in the design of the stage area, loading bridges, catwalks, dressing rooms, spotlight areas, and over-all theatrical space planning.

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