South Haven Baptist Church

South Haven Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri, first contacted Paragon 360 about a Sanctuary Renovation project in the Summer of 2015. A long-time client of Paragon 360, South Haven had partnered with Paragon 360 on multiple small projects in the past, but this was the first time South Haven had ventured into the realm of a large-scale renovation project. Design work began in the Summer of 2016, and installation was completed in April of 2017.

A new lighting system and numerous custom scenic & staging elements played a pivotal role in the renovation of South Haven’s sanctuary. Paragon 360 designed, fabricated, and installed 14 wall sconces with LED lighting units, as well as a new baptistry that takes center stage on the sanctuary platform. The lighting system includes 26 ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal fixtures, with dimming powered by 10 ETC SmartBar 2 units. The new lighting system also includes 14 Chauvet COLORDash Par Hex 12 fixtures, and all of the LED fixtures in the scenic elements were also Chauvet units. The entire system is controlled by a High End Systems Hoglet lighting console.

One of the features of the South Haven sanctuary that the church requested not be altered was the rich, dark, all-wood ceiling, which had long been a centerpiece of the church’s history. To accommodate this request, the Rigging Team from Paragon 360 used custom-made beam brackets to rig the new truss to the existing structure. A total of 90′ of truss was hung, using 18″ x 12″ black powder coated sticks from Applied Electronics. This resulted in allowing a modern lighting system to be installed in the church, while retaining the classic look of the church’s historic ceiling.

As a long-time client of Paragon 360, the audio systems at South Haven had previously been upgraded by the Paragon 360 Audio Team. During the design process of the South Haven project, the Audio Designers at Paragon 360 were able to take the church’s current audio system and augment it with new components, while maintaining the usability of the current system. Not only did these upgrades breathe new life into the audio system at South Haven, they also resulted in saving the church a substantial amount of money that wasn’t spent needlessly to replace already-existing system capabilities. The upgrades to the audio system included a new BSS Blue 100 Processor, and the addition of multiple Audix Microboom 84″ MB8455 Choir Microphones. New EAW front fill speakers were also added to the existing system.

Upon completion of the South Haven project, Pastor Ryan Palmer stated “we ultimately selected Paragon because of the vision they brought to our project. When we sat down with Paragon and expressed our values, what we were looking to accomplish, and who we are as a team, what they came back to us with from their design phase was more than we could have asked for or imagined.”  Pastor Palmer concluded by saying “I would recommend Paragon 360 above anyone else. They’re top-notch. They brought about a vision and a set of values and gave life to it. We came in with an idea of wanting to do just certain things, and they really brought that to its fruition. I would recommend them above any other, and I would tell people if you use Paragon, you’re going to be pleased with it for years to come.”