Seminole Baptist

In early 2015, Seminole Baptist in Springfield, Missouri, contacted Paragon 360™ about a sanctuary renovation project that included new video systems, updated lighting systems, and custom scenic, staging, and architectural elements. Seminole is a longtime client of Paragon 360™, and new audio systems had been installed several years prior, along with the original lighting systems.

Seminole Baptist was looking to update the worship center space that was originally built in 1993. Very little had been done to the sanctuary since the original construction, and the church was interested in updating the feel of the space to be more welcoming to all generations of the congregation, in addition to people visiting the church for the first time.

“Paragon really helped us a lot by coming in alongside us and helping us to understand what it was we wanted, who we were as a church, and what did we want this space to look like when we were done” explains Pastor Don Baier. “The end product was super and our people loved it. It turned out just like the rendering. Our people just fell in love with it. Even those that were hesitant in the beginning agreed after they saw the finished product that this was the right thing to do for us” he said.

New lighting system components included over 50 new Chauvet LED fixtures, controlled by a new High End Systems Hoglet Console with touchscreen computer, new equipment racks, floor pockets, and new lighting positions that cover the extended stage areas.

The video system includes three Digital Projection E-Vision Laser 8500 projectors that provide stunning images shown on Da-Lite Large Format HD Screens. Live video and digital signage content is also distributed to Flat Panel Displays throughout the facility. An HD/SDI Matrix Switcher controls video content routing to all projectors and displays. Three Data Video PTZ Cameras capture live video for Internet Streaming and local Image Magnification. The live cameras are mixed through a Data Video HD Switcher.

Paragon 360™ designed and built a stage full of custom scenic, staging and architectural elements that included LED-lit faux rock and wood textured elements, LED wall sconces, illuminated modesty walls, and a custom pulpit. The faux rock elements include two towers that were created right and left of center stage stained glass. The baptistery front was refinished, along with a new stage front on the newly extended stage that matches the new stage and architecture design.

The custom scenic and architectural elements allow for a total transformation of the space that resulted in tremendous cost savings, due to a quick turnaround of the space and more cost effective build methods, as opposed to conventional construction methods and cost. This customized approach from our design team continues to provide optimum results and efficiency throughout venues all over the country.   

Paragon 360™ lit the stained glass in the room from the inside, making for a dramatic look on the exterior of the building, which faces a major, highly populated intersection. Paragon 360 used Elecktralite’s ElektraBar for the multi-color illumination of the stained glass windows.  

“One of the joys for us in working with Paragon is that they knew the business” said Pastor Baier. “We had an idea what we wanted, but there is so much out there that we were not aware of. We leaned heavily on their knowledge, their expertise, and their talent to help us in our decision making. Budgets are always an important part of any project and Paragon 360 was extremely helpful in showing us how to optimize ours. In the end, it was well worth it.”