Ranger Boats 2012

Paragon 360 has produced Annual Dealer Meeting conferences for Ranger Boats for fifteen years. The meetings feature theatrical product reveals, business meetings, guest speakers, product displays, awards ceremonies, and concerts over a four day meeting. Past years meetings have included boats being driven thru video screens, flown from the ceiling and lowered, boats being driven up ramps and indoor pyro, low lying nitrogen fog with floating boats, floor to ceiling video screens, kabuki curtains, turn-tables and more. However – 2012 was going to be a little different. This was their 45th!

2012 marked the 45th anniversary of Ranger Boats. Ranger wanted a different look and feel for the event. They were looking for a little less special effects and a little more concentration on the look and experience within the space. Some of the looks and scenic options being created by Paragon 360 was an attractive option as part of the look for the big 2012 meeting. However it was going to be difficult to justify the building of set elements for one event. The idea was then presented, that the scenic elements created by Paragon 360 for use in the Dealer Meeting could also be used as a trade show booth for Ranger. Ranger participates in three conferences a year.

Paragon 360 worked late last year to create some trade show both design concepts that would put Ranger out in front and give them something very unique in the Marine world. The idea was to create something that took up very little square footage as Ranger needed as much space as possible for boat product. The idea was to create something that would be vibrant in a convention center while being very lite, easy to setup and flexible. As with many of Paragon 360’s set elements, Ranger ended up with pieces that can be changed graphically from event to event, keeping it fresh.

The first tradeshow was held in February of 2012 with the tradeshow set delivered on time and on budget. All of those same elements were re-arranged and used as set elements for the 45th anniversary meeting in July at Chateau On The Lake in Branson, MO. The set elements are also used in Ranger’s new lobby areas at the factory when not on the road.

Paragon produces and designs Ranger’s annual Dealer Meetings and provides the audio, video, lighting, scenic, and staging equipment. This year’s 45th anniversary meeting also featured a concert from country music artist Justin Moore.

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