Prestonwood Auditorium

Paragon 360 has been working with Prestonwood Baptist Church since 2001. Paragon has been heavily involved with their incredible theatrical & broadcast productions, and design renovations to the sanctuary that include stage sets and lighting upgrades.

The main stage look has been changed a couple of times over the last three years. The concept was to put a new face lift on the look of the space without having to completely renovate the room by going into demolition and re-construction mode. The face lifts provided by Paragon have allowed them to continue to keep the look fresh at a fraction of the cost of a complete sanctuary renovation.

The sets chosen over the last few years have allowed Prestonwood the flexibility of mixing and matching elements, and background looks on a regular basis by using Paragon’s signature I-Wall system. With its ability to adapt into a custom design in any existing stage setting, the walls give an immense amount of branding support to any developed sermon series, special or even long-term established look.

The concept is simple. By simply creating a new graphic look for each series the graphic idea is then transferred to a large format printer and simply applied to an illuminated box. With internal lighting the graphic becomes alive and an essential part to any stage backdrop. They are also found to be very cost-effective considering their versatility by many of our clients who have already installed these systems.  The walls are innovative, efficient, lightweight, and cost-effective. They work for the live experience and are awesome for television.

Prestonwood also uses many of our modular cubes for elevation of many of the band and orchestra sections. One of these platforms also houses one of Paragon’s beta version Drum Enclosures.

Many of the scenic and staging elements that Prestonwood has included in their new sanctuary look can also be used for their productions and special events. Paragon 360 also designed and built sets and staging for other Prestonwood campuses such as Prestonwood North and Prestonwood Dallas.

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