Pinnacle Hills

Paragon 360 received a contract in 2005 for the lighting and video system design in addition to set and staging at Crosschurch Pinnacle in Rogers, Arkansas. This $35 million state-of-the-art facility is a second campus of the First Baptist Church Springdale (now Crosschurch) which is the largest church in Arkansas. The 2,500 seat facility opened in 2007.

One of the most recognizable features of the church is a 100′ X 60′ glass wall with a daylight view behind the pulpit looking out to a lake and the towering crosses. The project created immense challenges for the lighting design team due to the impact the natural light would have on video projection, telecasting or even lighting a worship service. To help control the light levels consistently, the glass wall was tented slightly.

Using its virtual design software, the lighting team conducted a sun study that predicted the effect of the sun coming through the glass at various times of the year to insure proper design of lighting, window surrounds and window treatment. This process required building the venue in a 3D environment, simulating textures of the walls, floors, reflections and lighting. They were then able to track the sun-light projections over the course of a year to study its impact on the environment.

“The architectural design of the room has really forced us to think beyond the box in regards to making lighting work for live and video applications” stated Bryan Bailey, Media Director, Church at Pinnacle Hills. “Paragon 360 was willing to embrace the idea of the 6,000 square foot window (and other interesting elements) and create a design that will function well in many situations” he added.

The worship space also includes a state-of-the-art, high definition video control system with full broadcast production suite, multiple HD cameras and a 16’ X 9’ Barco LED display. The LED displays were crucial for video imagery in the space considering the room’s ambient light levels. The media-driven church is set up for simulcast between its other campuses and production of their own television shows. Digital signage was also routed to nine different locations throughout the church through a high definition matrixed server.

Three different lighting systems were developed, all living on a network, including worship center, a Gatheria for pastoral summits and a special event space for the children’s ministry. All systems are designed for use with high definition television broadcast and recording, eye magnification and live performance enhancement for both church services and special theatrical and concert engagements. With the carefully executed design of lighting, this project has implications for both broadcast productions and theater lighting in a daylight environment.

Due to the natural light in the worship space, the effectiveness of color was somewhat compromised. Large format intelligent fixtures were designed into the system to maximize the color capabilities. In addition, LED units were built into the window mullions in an effort to help subliminally sell the idea of color. The “points of light” LED units allow the entire wall to be used as a color palate.

With a space as unique as Pinnacle Hills, much was required of the stage/set design. Paragon 360 acquired the services of Michael Hotopp to design the stage set while Paragon 360’s team managed the building and installation. The set consisted of matching choir and band riser sections that featured many elements of the building architecture itself, such as the etched concrete look, frosted glass, wood, and brushed nickel.

“The design work provided by Brawner has given us the confidence and knowledge we need to proceed unabated into this new form of church worship.  We feel that Donnie has put us on a track of originality and creativity that is missing in many modern worship services.” Josh Stanbery, Worship Pastor, The Church At Pinnacle Hills

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