O’Fallon High School

The new O’Fallon Township High School theater opened its doors in September 2009. Paragon 360 was contracted by Wm. B Ittner, Architects in 2007 to design technical elements (Audio, Video, Lighting, Acoustics, Rigging) and provide general theatrical consultation for the new construction of a state-of-the-art, 740-seat, 22,000 square foot theatre facility. The space was designed to be a premiere entertainment venue in the O’Fallon community but to also be a state-of-the-art learning facility for students in the technical theatre fields.

The theatre features a state-of-the-art ETC lighting system with 144 dimmers, distribution that includes dimming, 110v convenience circuits, and data distribution. Architectural control panels are distributed throughout the theatre for ease of control. An ETC console provides basic control of theatrical lighting, house lighting, and LED architectural lighting. A JBL audio system provides incredible performance audio to the space for choirs, bands, orchestras, speaking engagements and special events.

The space also features two completely functional control areas to suit the needs of the various activities in the space and the needs of touring or community events visiting the space. The main control booth is in the back with spotlight positions above the ceiling. A secondary control location is located at the center aisle of the theatre. That location is outfitted with a customized mobile counter top giving the location a finished look and has multiple custom splitters, mass connectors, and panels to allow access to everything from the secondary position that is accessible from the rear location.

The space includes a video system that boasts a 16’ X 9’ wide format rear projection motorized video screen center stage with a 5,000 lumen projector. In addition, the stage rigging features over 30 counterweight line-sets and motorized front-of-house lighting positions. The stage area is outfitted with theatrical masking legs and borders, CVC curtains, scrims, traveler tracks and a main grand drape.

LED lighting was included into the space through architectural accents and a complete LED house lighting system. The LED house lighting was designed in an effort to capitalize on energy efficiency throughout the lighting system and minimize maintenance costs, lamp replacement and heat production.

Donnie Brawner has designed technical elements for six theatrical projects for Wm. B Ittner Architects over the last eight years in the Missouri and Illinois area including Rockwood School District, the largest School District in the St. Louis, MO area.

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