Glendale Christian Church

Glendale Christian Church in Springfield, Missouri, engaged Paragon 360™ for a new LED house-lighting system and renovations to their stage lighting system. After only 9 years in the facility, the existing house lighting system was near total failure. The church was spending countless dollars in maintenance due to abnormally short lamp life. The church spent excessive money in lift rental on a regular basis.  The church came to Paragon 360™ looking for a new design that would involve a total replacement of the existing house lights. The old existing system used compact fluorescent lamps and put a drain on the HVAC system. It was imperative that the new system not require any additional power. The multi-purpose room also has high ceilings for the recreational sport leagues that use the space.

In addition to the house lighting issues, the stage lighting also needed to be re-designed. New lighting positions were added along with new dimmers including ETC Smart Bars. A new ETC fixture package was added along with a new High End Systems Nano Hog and various architectural control stations throughout the space.

“We had lived with a house lighting system for many years which cost us ample time and money” said Alan Davis, Worship Pastor at Glendale Christian Church. “The solution to these issues in short was Paragon 360. They designed an all LED House Lighting system that added front stage lighting, integrated our existing stage LED’s, and gave us room to grow our lighting capability in the future. Our staff and volunteers love the new equipment and capabilities. One of the biggest benefits to the LED House Lighting system is that now we can extend the creative lighting environment from the stage to every seat in the house. With our worship space being a multi-purpose space, we use the multicolored LED lighting for many children and youth activities. It’s great that our new system can become multicolored special effect lights when we turn the space into a laser tag venue for our youth.”

Paragon used 90 of the Chauvet, COLORdash Par-Quad 18 units for the LED House-lighting. The light output works very well for general audience light, athletics and special effect lighting when desired. The units have reduced over-all energy consumption, heat, and have also seriously reduced maintenance with unparalleled flexibility. Extensive training was also provided for operation of the new High End Systems lighting console which gives them more programming flexibility.

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