First Baptist Rockwall

When First Baptist Rockwall first contacted Paragon 360™ in June of 2016, it had been 20 years since any major updates had taken place, and the church was ready for a much-needed Audio, Video, and Lighting Renovation. Trent Blackley, Minister of Music at First Baptist Rockwall, spoke with Donnie Brawner, Paragon 360™ CEO, about a phased approach that allowed for up front design work and AVL upgrades that could be spread out over multiple projects. “We started with Donnie & his team with the original process, and then we got to make great relationships with guys that carried us all the way through the end” said Blackley. “At every point I felt like they had their best guy on it.”

The centerpiece of the new Audio System at First Baptist Rockwall is a Yamaha QL-5 Audio Console, with RIO over a fully redundant Dante network. Going from their old analog system to a fully-digital audio system enabled the church to have greater control over their mix, giving them many more options than in the past. As the new digital board is smaller in size than the old analog console, Rockwall had more space in the Control Booth, allowing the church to move all of their video control components into the Control Booth as well. With the addition of the fully-digital audio system, the church was able to eliminate a 40-channel analog snake, replacing it with two Cat6 network lines. Paragon also replaced Rockwall’s audio DSP with a BSS BLU-100, and redeployed and retuned the church’s existing PA for better coverage and response. 

Paragon 360™ replaced Rockwall’s aging and limited analog matrix video system with a High-Definition Digital Video Routing System. This included two new 16:9 Da-Lite projection screens, paired with two Panasonic 10,000 Lumen DLP Laser Projectors. In addition to the projectors & screens, Paragon also supplied Rockwall with a Panasonic AW-HE40 PTZ Video Camera and Controller. With new-found available space in the Control Booth, Paragon added two BrightSign Digital Media Players, along with two dual-channel ZeeVee QAM RF Modulators for digital signage and live service video distribution.

The original building plans of the Sanctuary at Rockwall did not feature adequate catwalks in the ceiling for proper backlighting placement and maintenance, so one of the primary lighting system additions for the church were motorized truss units placed above the Sanctuary Platform. In addition to having multiple lighting fixtures hung on these trusses, the units can be lowered to the floor for easy maintenance and adjustment, saving the church substantial time and manpower. Rockwall converted their entire lighting system over to LED, which required the dimming system to be upgraded, so Paragon utilized an ETC Unison DRd dimming rack to work in tandem with the retrofitted LED houselight lamps. 26 Chauvet Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal fixtures were used for frontlight, and 28 Elation SIXPAR 300 par wash fixtures were used for backlighting, with power control for all LED fixtures being managed via an ETC Echo Relay Panel. The lighting console is an ETC Ion with a 1×20 expansion fader wing. Paragon also installed nearly 60 Chauvet COLORDash Batten-Quad 6 linear wash fixtures, which use RGBA LEDs to wash many of the sanctuary walls with color.

When the AVL Renovation Project at First Baptist Rockwall was completed in December of 2016, it was enthusiastically received by the members of the church. Blackley summed up the results of the project by saying “one of the things that we’ve heard from the congregation is that finally – finally you did this! So that’s been great. It’s allowed us to engage a different kind of mindset. I would highly recommend Paragon 360 because of what they did for us, from the very beginning to the very end of the completed project. We feel like we’ve got a new team member. It’s not just someone who’s coming in and trying to get us to buy their stuff. They are about the ministry, and this is all a tool for us to use in ministry.”